Thinking of getting an Ebook Reader, but I am concerned about the amount of tracking in Kindles. Kobo and Onyx doesn’t seem much better. Does anyone in the fediverse have an Ebook setup they’re happy with?

@oilyfish @oysmal the best e-paper reader in the free world is #OLPC (one-laptop-per-child). They are not sold commercially though last time I checked. If you want one you have to find a project that works with them & slip them some cash.

@oilyfish @oysmal If you can get an xo-4 touch, not only is the software more freedom-respecting than conventional COTS e-readers, but the dual mode screen is superior because you can choose between color LCD and e-ink. Commercial e-readers have yet to catch up (AFAIK) despite the tech being over 10 yrs old.

@resist1984 @oilyfish Thanks for the tip! To bad they don’t make Pixel QI anymore, that thing seemed cool. The xo-4 might be a little bulky to use as an e-reader I think. Maybe a custom build with a raspberry pi is the only real option to escape kindle and kobo at this point.


the grayscale, reflective-mode option on the LCDs used in the OLPC's is its own thing, distinct from the e-ink used in so many e-readers. Still awesome, but differently awesome.

@oilyfish @oysmal

@deejoe @oysmal @oilyfish I suspect you're confusing "e-ink" (a generic synonym for electronic paper which covers reflective LCD & all other paper-like tech) with "E Ink" (a particular brand). The hyphen is significant. vs.


Not to get to prescriptive about it, just wanted to be sure no one was confused by your use of "e-ink".

e-paper typically holds an image even in a power-off state. The OLPC displays use *less* power in reflective mode by virtue of not driving the backlight, but they still need power to hold the image.

As LCDs though, they aren't as slow to update as most e-paper.

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@oysmal I just never connect to the net with my kindle :) they can't track me if for them I don't exist, a bit annoying to get Norwegian books for the kindle anyway, so I buy them and transfer them over usb.

@sotolf To be honest, this sounds like what I’ll end up doing. Everything else seems like too much of a hassle. Here’s hoping we eventually get a Pinetab with an e-ink screen :)

@oysmal Downloading pdfs to your phone and reading them through a reader app sounds like a decent setup to me.

@oysmal probably not the answer you want but there's always the possibility of using a kindle that is constantly offline

@maikek @tdk Pocketbook looks awesome. I see they use a Linux-based os as well, so +1 there. Thanks for the suggestions!

@oysmal I am using a Pocketbook Touch Lux 3. There is an integrated shop on the device (which one depends on where you bought it), but you can simply ignore it. No registration or online sync is neccessary. It works with calibre.

The only thing I am missing is the abilty to sync books via webdav/Nextcloud.

@oysmal Just a normal Android phone with a decent sized screen. FB Reader is a great book reader app, and Calibre Companion takes care of uploading the books from a laptop.
I don't have a Google account and use APKpure to update the apps.
I'm very happy with this setup.

@oysmal Bookeen Diva HD. French company and it works great

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