"These machines are the first general purpose computers ever where you have to make an exclusive choice: you can have a fast and efficient machine, or you can have a private one... Short of using an external network filtering device like a travel/vpn router that you can totally control, there will be no way to boot any OS on the new Apple Silicon macs that won’t phone home, and you can’t modify the OS to prevent this."


@dajbelshaw I guess Apple buyers aren't concerned about privacy. It's looks that really matter, right?

@neildarlow @dajbelshaw

on the contrary, because aPpLe dOEs nOt neEd tO seLL My dATa bECaUsE tHEy mAkE MOnEy seLLiNG DEviCeS!!

@guenther @neildarlow @dajbelshaw On the contrary, nontechnical Apple users might very well care about privacy. Linux laptops etc are not as smooth as e.g. a Mac for the average joe. These people still has a right to privacy, and Apple claims to deliver. That is better than many others (regardless of motivation). We should, however, fight to get more privacy rights enshrined in law. That is the only thing that will help at this point.


it would also help if we'd start enforcing the laws we have. e.g. not getting tech companies get away with GDPR violations en masse.

@neildarlow @dajbelshaw


@guenther @neildarlow @dajbelshaw Absolutely. Let us hope the EU starts anti-trust investigations against Google et al now that the US seems to be doing so. Maybe that will help (if only after 10 years of court proceedings)

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