Making open source sustainable with donations is tough!

We've accepted donations since July 17th for Plausible Self-Hosted with 3 donations so far. Thanks Sergey, Patrik and Michael! 🙏

I admire projects that can make a living from donations but it's unlikely to work for most.

Thank you all for the suggestions! It helped a lot. I am now trying, as the fact that there is no offline support (yet) in Tutanota and ProtonMail (not on mobile devices anyway) is a dealbreaker. Didn’t even occur to me to think of that as a feature before. Will be very interesting to compare when adds support for this (priority #2 in the roadmap it seems)

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I am finally moving my email off of Google, but I can’t decide between ProtonMail and Tutanota. Tutanota is cheaper, has a calendar function not in beta, easy way to send encrypted mail to other providers, but it doesn’t seem to use PGP. ProtonMail is more well known (it appears), uses PGP and seems to be creating alternatives to several Google services.

Does anyone on here have any experience or advice regarding one or the other? Especially regarding importance of PGP?

Um um um um ummmmm... is this what it sounds like? Google is blocking browsers it doesn't "approve" of... apparently just letting in Firefox and Chrome?

The web as an open standards platform is rapidly falling apart. :\

I am seriously concerned about the global push we are seeing against encryption. The cat is out of the bag. You can’t put it back. Math cannot simply be removed from existence. Anyways, making it illegal would only hurt the average joe. Criminals do not care if one more part of what they do becomes illegal. I do not buy the argument that ministers do not understand this, so what gives? How can this be combatted? Now even the EU has jumped aboard: /rant

Despite the games stuff, I really like Linux. Feel so much comfy than ever. I want to start testing all possible distros to see which one is The One.

You want to download the youtube-dl source code?

Look no further than in Githubs DMCA repository tree:

Has anyone on here used Linux on a laptop with an nvidia gpu (like e.g dell precision /xps)? Want to go Linux for my new job, but am concerned that I will spend too much time making the nvidia stuff work. Should I just get a MacBook instead, or would the dell make do?


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