As more users turn to Tor, the network needs to scale to match the demand.

Thanks to Zcash Foundation for helping fund our scalability solution, Walking Onions, with a grant to help the Tor network scale in a meaningful way.


Introducing The Radiohead Public Library: Radiohead Makes Their Full Catalogue Available via a Free Online Web Site

New kind of is coming. It’s ridiculous the state media didn’t disclose the information until yesterday, while the situation was getting proliferated and uncontrollable.

Realtime multimedia is physically impossible

feature request: ability to set a TTL (time to live) on toots.

Sometimes I share useful resources and such and I'd like those to survive basically forever, but other times I'll share selfies or feelings stuff, and it feels weird having those persist for more than a few days.

this nvme module might be power friendly enough for the pinebook pro for everyday use, but here is a pro tip:

do not expect it to also power a usb3-connected spinning rust hard drive because it will not do so for long. trust.

Independently organised events involving free and open source software taking place in the days around FOSDEM

FOSDEM is almost here 😄 😄

Who else is excited, a bit more than two weeks to go 🎉 🎊

Spain and GitHub Are Blocking an App That Helped Protesters Organize

> As thousands of people protest in Barcelona, an app meant to organize activists was blocked by Github on request of the government.

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Even running gitea/memcached/postgres on the same host, at idle, its less than 1/2 consumed - plenty of capacity to grow and burst through the workloads needs

#RPI3 #k3s #libreops

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"Rancher Labs has announced a new open source project, #k3s , which is a lightweight #Kubernetes distribution that has been optimised towards running within resource-constrained environments"

Handling handwritten matrices nicely with #mathpix, and also how to make corrections. #latex #maths #linux

@gxtony it CAN be (pixelbrushes etc) but I am sure there are some better ones like this one which is pretty damn specialized


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