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LIVE NOW: Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words with a sequence of musical tones.

#music #songwriter #piano #acoustic #owncast
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Small Is Beautiful

I’m delighted to announce that @gabek will be joining us this Thursday at 5PM Irish Time (UTC+1) to talk to us about Owncast, federation, and why we should be shipping software not code (

Mark your calendars.

Also, follow us on the fediverse to get updates about all our live streams from

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallWeb #owncast #federation

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that means you can have better ways of managing who has mod/admin to an online presentation or discussion or similar


WARNING: the screen grab showing it working is a nested image from hell ; if you get motion sick from weird images this one probably isnt for you ; i didnt have another good test case that wouldnt leak private info :(

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The free open source livestreaming platform OwnCast has set up a demo server at:

It currently runs a loop of videos by people who self-host their livestreams using OwnCast, along with short videos promoting other libre projects.

If you run a free open project and have a short video (under 1 minute), you can have it added to this loop by contacting @owncast.

OwnCast servers include Fediverse compatibility, so you can follow them from Mastodon etc. When a stream you follow goes live, you'll see a message telling you about it in your timeline.

#FediTips #Fediverse #OwnCast #FOSS #Libre #LiveStreaming #Twitch #Alternatives

In the next release of power users will be able to monitor server metrics using their existing Prometheus infrastructure.

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Did you know that is going to be supporting an optional standards-based, decentralized, open authentication method for chat participants? It's called IndieAuth. Prepare for it by making your personal web pages IndieAuth compatible if it's something you want to take advantage of.

Learn more about "OAuth for the Open Web" and options to support it on your web sites. If your personal web page is an Owncast server, you won't have to do anything.

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LIVE NOW: Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words with a sequence of musical tones.

#music #songwriter #piano #acoustic #owncast
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En direct ! Toujours du nodejs, du javascript, des emojis et des fautes de frappe.

We're live! Come if you love Javascript, emojis and typos.

Aaron Parecki has a nice intro to Owncast from the Streaming Day event, even showing what the experience is like when you put your own authentication in front to require logging in. Very cool!

The best way for Owncast to be something that's useful to the most people is to hear what people have to say, so here's an attempt to create an opportunity to do that.

Are you a current or prospective streamer who is interested in providing thoughts, feedback, or have questions to ask 1 on 1? Or you're interested in other aspects of the project from an open source, integration, or Fediverse prospective?

Find a few minutes to chat about Owncast!

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If you livestream on a Fediverse platform such as #PeerTube or #OwnCast, send me a message if you want me to advertise your stream 👍

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Are you a DJ, musician, radio host or just somebody that enjoys music? Would you like a slot with We're looking for new people to join us in our mission to entertain!

Whether it's a mix, a show, a playlist of your favorite music, we're all ears. It can be a one-off or something more regular, live or prerecorded. No experience neccessary. Sounds interesting? Get in contact!

#jnktn #livestream #live #stream #radio #music #owncast #opensource #radioshow

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NOW PLAYING: Dance Attack with Ruffy

Some lo-fi beats to help get you chlled. Tune in!


I'd like to find more opportunities to share what Owncast is up to with people who would be interested in such things.

Do you know of any Podcasts, YouTube channels or blogs who would be interested in talking about independent, open source live streaming?

I'd love it if you could suggest Owncast as a topic to your favorite content creators!

We know volunteering to help an open source project can feel overwhelming, even when you're interested. Well here's one for those with a web UX and layout skillset:

Owncast is going through a redesign and could use your help with opinions and feedback. We'd like a person or two to act as consultants in our chat to answer questions, you don't need to actively produce or _do_ anything. We need someone to ask: "Should this be blue? Is this ugly?" Could that be you?

DM or

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LIVE NOW: Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words and phrases with a sequence of musical tones and rhythms. Come for the tunes, stay for the shitty political views!

#music #songwriter #piano #acoustic #owncast
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PR adding #Owncast support to #Convene is ready for review!

Once a different maintainer takes a gander at it, folks with a Space will be able to embed live streams from their OwnCast!

At some point I'll also make it one-click to set up Owncast on our cooperatively owned infrastructure.

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