Trying something new. The first (and maybe last?) "Owncast Update"!

Learn what the project has been up to and discover the upcoming initiatives. As a bonus: some personal thoughts about the project!

@owncast Thanks for the update. I've only heard bits and pieces about owncast from others on the fediverse in 500 characters or fewer. The video format was much easier to follow.

I currently has an Open Streaming Platform server, but now I'm considering swapping it out for owncast.

I see there's already an example .service file. I'll likely use that as a starting point & will offer to contribute back any setup/automation that I do. Automation is my jam 🙂

@adam Thank you so much for the feedback! That's good to know.

If Owncast is a good fit for you then that's awesome! And yes! It's not opinionated on how it's run but systemd is super common. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions as you take a look at the project!

@owncast you mentioned a different web interface. Personally, I think that's awesome, as the current one is a tiny bit cluttered for screenreader users. As a part of the modernisation process, could you use some of those modern tools and concepts, such as aria, to make owncast more accessible to navigate and use?

@owncast I mainly think about aria live regions that update when important stream events occur, when problems appear, when viewers join or leave the stream if sighted people see that, when chat messages come in, etc. Also, you could put the more important controlls at the top of the page, or focus the screenreader to them or something. Also, if some elements on the page are there only for visual reasons, you can use an aria hidden role to show that fact to the screenreader.See wcag for more info

@bgtlover @bgtlover One of the goals for the rewrite is absolutely to be better about accessibility. I'm hoping the use of a UI framework instead of home-built components will put us in a better place and maybe I can find somebody with previous web accessibility experience to point the project in the right direction. I'm willing to put in the work, but it feels overwhelming since I've never been worked with accessibility in the past. Feel free to refer to for details.

@owncast no problem, it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as it ends up being accessible in the end. Also, aren't you using react? there are react components that help with aria live regions, like But yeah, I'm not a frontend dev since I'm a completely blind person my self, however when you have something to show, I'd be more than glad to test out the changes and give feedback, after all, it's on us to make the fediverse a better place for everyone.

@bgtlover Yup, we're using React now, but we weren't before! And that's why I'm excited to make these larger strides because the tooling exists behind it. We're using Ant Design for a UI framework, and I've heard mixed things about it's accessibility support, so we may be on our own with picking up the slack there. But it's good to know there's other React components to help us out as well. Thank you for the suggestion and being willing to help out when it's testing time!

@owncast This video update was great! you seem like such a genuine and nice person !I'll be trying to think of ways to contribute to the project :)

@owncast what update is the customization options going to be in? any idea on when its due? i'm attempting to spread the word about Owncast in some non-fedi places i hang out.

@bongmaster It'll be a while, but the goal is the next release, whenever that is. As this is brand new work I anticipate a long testing cycle when it's complete. I'll certainly try to drag as many people into that as possible to get lots of eyeballs and feedback on the new efforts.

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