Did you know that is going to be supporting an optional standards-based, decentralized, open authentication method for chat participants? It's called IndieAuth. Prepare for it by making your personal web pages IndieAuth compatible if it's something you want to take advantage of.

Learn more about "OAuth for the Open Web" and options to support it on your web sites. If your personal web page is an Owncast server, you won't have to do anything.

@owncast so is it XMPP-based chat or some ad-hoc NIH bullshit?

@L29Ah IndieAuth is purely an authentication layer.

What if an Owncast server is a subdomain of my personal web page?

@kylebronsdon Each domain is unique, so if you want to use IndieAuth specifically on your primary domain then you'd have to setup IndieAuth there. But since you run an Owncast server you can just use that if you ever want to IndieAuth against something.

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