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wowser is that compatible on other browsers ?

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I sent this to Numberphile a couple months ago and never heard back from them. I wonder if it's so Elementary or too complex I never get any feedback from anyone. If someone in here were too give me their opinion of it then I would be surprised to say the least.

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Prime numbers are interesting but the gaps between them are like Wowser

Looking to add a reunion or meet up PHP script to my web site. Any suggestions?

@Mehrad hopefully someone in here will recommend something please let us know if you hear anything I would be interested in it as well. Imagine it will be something that you have to train the recognize your speech patterns

@Mehrad maybe there's an audacity plugin for speech to text

has anyone had success installing a mastodon instance on a bluehost vps ?

I code for the fun of it. Old school procedural ( maybe a little oop )
If it's not fun then why do it...
I think I'll continue to dev fbs what started out as the macro language for my CAD program which I also turned into a server-side scripting language.

@cirno shoop ... A new programming language for the sheep

@ericbuijs thanks for doing Lemmy review vids. I hope this project succeeds

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