I was on a submarine back in the mid 1980's. 30 years later I'm hoping to do audio recordings / interviews (in person recordings as well as teleconference recordings) with those that served on my boat. I'm checking out some wireless headsets systems today. There's a local guitar shop with an 8 channel system for in person group recordings that might be cool to use. As for recording teleconferencing calls Skype might work but would prefer to use something open-source

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wowser is that compatible on other browsers ?

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I sent this to Numberphile a couple months ago and never heard back from them. I wonder if it's so Elementary or too complex I never get any feedback from anyone. If someone in here were too give me their opinion of it then I would be surprised to say the least.

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Prime numbers are interesting but the gaps between them are like Wowser

Looking to add a reunion or meet up PHP script to my web site. Any suggestions?

has anyone had success installing a mastodon instance on a bluehost vps ?

I code for the fun of it. Old school procedural ( maybe a little oop )
If it's not fun then why do it...
I think I'll continue to dev fbs what started out as the macro language for my CAD program which I also turned into a server-side scripting language.

I will be hiring a few bloggers to help write articles about caregivers helping vets and first responders post nine eleven to present

currently working on a new site for operation tacamo (an org that is all about honoring vets and first responders) if there are any patriots in here who my want to help me with their site just give me a shout

yup i drive a truck for a living but i get to do fun computer stuff every so often and cuz i was a bubble head i made a site for my boat usschicagossn721 dot com

my truck. on top is a decal of submarine dolphins. x-navy bubble head rm2(ss) reese at your service

i have an old list of lat/long coordinates that represent the contiguous 48 states boarders. I convert lat/long to xy cartesian coordinates as if they were viewed from above near the equator. I used freeBASIC to compile my code which has zoom and pan features. I hope to port it to a javascript and display the map along with zoom and pan om my web site. Has anyone done any work like this b4?

Are there and freeBASIC dot net fans in here?

just discoverd flatpress yesterday. where in the code is the bbcode editor at or whatever the name of the wysiwyg is used in flatpress

truck driver / code enthusiast author of fbcadcam (an open source freeBASIC project since 2007) . asked my friends for the pi to join hope to see them in here soon so we can learn from u guys about mastodon and flatpress


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