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Switching from twitter, so here's a(n)

Hi! I'm a high school student from Chicago. Right now I spend most of my free time developing tools to give more kids from around the city an opportunity to learn to code. I'm super into good design and improving human interactions, so most of my projects are web-based.

Other things I enjoy: philosophy, electronic music, functional programming, biking.

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Hello everyone !

πŸ“’ πŸ”΄ URGENT πŸ”΄

An awesome software is dying, because its #developper has not time anymore to care of it.

It's an alternative of Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (

Please, can Mastodon community search for a C++ dev, which want to maintain it ? or search for a company which work with free software ? It's very important.

Boost very appreciated

Thanks in advance for your contribution !

#Dev #Mastodon #C++ #Python

I actually don't think there's a single patch of white left on my os

SAT! SAT! Who wants to learn arbitrary skills!

Does anyone know anything about I've never seen a company like it.

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@codesections ML is the best paradigm imo for a variety of reasons, but basically the typing makes errors impossible and the functional aspect makes many tasks easier and more maintainable.

Hello everyone, I'm pleased to announce a new favorite language: elm!

incredible thing I just discovered: you can eat an apple whole...

I think it's hard for non-students to imagine just how bad textbooks are. This (horror) story comes pretty close:

Design lifehack: searching "cool geometric fonts" actually produces some nice results.

With all due respect, Rust, get on top of your web design game. Please.


I have mixed feeling about pro-privacy companies. On one hand it's cool that they provide an alternative to evil corporations like Google, but on the other hand they're profitable only while those evil corporations exist to scare people into valuing privacy... is one of the best examples of good graphic design that I've ever seen.

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I wanted to dislike this, but it's actually really neat.

> Git History
> Quickly browse the history of any GitHub file:
> Replace with in any file url
> There's no step two

There's also CLI client that works with local git repos.

What do you use to make music? That's one area where there's a surprisingly small amount of FOSS. I've found plenty of trackers (like SunVox), but those are often limiting and have a steep learning curve.

My friend uses GarageBand + Audacity, which seems like an interesting combo if you're on MacOS.

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Electron is not crossplatform Show more

Has anyone ever made stop-motion on Linux before? If so, how?

There's something very fun about writing avant-garde plays.

The "Thunderbird Conversations" add-on for Thunderbird changes EVERYTHING.

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