Excellent article about how a team of YouTube developers intentionally conspired and successfully killed IE6 around the world: blog.chriszacharias.com/a-cons

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Self advice: If you find yourself not knowing what to do in front of your computer screen (or if you have the vague feeling there was something you had to do, but can't remember what it is),

get up and take a walk, it'll clear your mind.

Interesting article:

Proof emerges that a quantum computer can outperform a classical one


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@fatboy Uber is going for an "autonomous driving" exit strategy, I doubt Facebook wants to buy such a debt-generating company since they won't get to autonomous driving any time soon...

Looking for a potential Dropbox replacement, was looking at NextCloud. Any recommendations?

How is Sway with multiple monitor desktop scaling?

Hey all, new to Mastodon and want to get more involved in the FOSS community! Been shifting my life to open-source technologies, recently switched to archlinux and saying goodbye to centralized services!


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