Can some Linux/GNU genius please explain to me why?

Installing Solus OS Gnome from live USB.

-Black screen, blinking cursor
-Login to TTY
-Type systemctl stop gdm.service
-Type systemctl start gdm.service

And everything boots fine again.

@oscarhall Try reboot without the systemctl commands?

Is this only the first time after install?

What happens if you press Ctrl+Alt+F7 instead?

@oscarhall Pointless just for fun response -

Because you should have gone Plasma :).

@gray Plasma is very nice, but hate some of the KDE-stuff.

@braunne Yes, sorry wrote too fast. Ofcourse GNU first...

@oscarhall @braunne

I am throwing things in the wind, but is that because the driver fails to initiliasize Xorg? It could be fixed by either setting nomodeset or using Wayland, I'd imagine.


Aha, I think its this! 👍

Of course info from Arch boys... You have some excellent wiki/knowledge thou...

Too bad Plex-Media-Server refuses to work with any Arch based distro (you have to reclaim the server after each reboot) or I would be joining you long time ago.

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