Our Monthly Meetup #16 in July was perhaps more focused on developers: Lindsay Kay of xeolabs spoke about his journey towards a perfect ifc viewer, but also about the way he makes his living doing what he loves - open source software development. youtube.com/watch?v=D-0ruXlVLA

Great to host @prochitecture in our to talk about the current state and ongoing development of the Blender-OSM Add-on, which aims at generating an environment in @Blender out of @openstreetmap data as realistically as possible!

Info about the meetup πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ t.co/P7dYZFUgUj

has won an Epic MegaGrant funding increased development on fundamental aspects that will change the industry and offer new options for architects, engineers, cost planners, programme schedulers, sustainability analysts, and more...

Detailing & annotating with OpeningDesign, @FreeCAD, #Blender, #BlenderBIM, #osarch #FreeCAD #openbim. Getting a really efficient and smooth workflow there...

Doing 2D CAD (and annotating BIM views) in #FreeCAD / @FreeCAD becoming increasingly fast, powerful and comfortable. More about this soon! Project with OpeningDesign

If you're ready to learn more about the whole world behind the source code of then you might like to watch the videos from the 2021 online conference brought to you by the


now has their own page on the public wiki AEC Free Software Directory wiki.osarch.org/index.php?titl and one of our supporters has made small library of sketchy architectural objects that we hope will be included in a version of soon.

"It doesn't look like much" are famous last words for projects whose potential is just being realized. I'm sharing this again since the thread grew into a list of great examples of what Homemaker Topologic can do @topologicBIM @Blenderdomain

@FreeCAD I worked on a wooden trike concept, but never found the time to finish it or build a prototype.

I also made plans for a shack for children, which I built for real and they like it a lot :-)

In both projects, FreeCAD helped me visualize, and identify mistakes before building.

Great tool, even if not fully stable yet.


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