@pamela @malerbabomba 14 day period data. Not at all indicative I would say ...

@jumboshrimp Nice. Although, the solution is to find a specific time in the day to also use social media or similar...your mind is what it needs training on this. 🀞

@jumboshrimp sure, just for notes it's too much, but I also sync my photos, calendar, contacts, RSS feeds etc with it...turned out to be very useful at the end.

@jumboshrimp I'm using Nextcloud and its notes app which are synced with my phone etc..no issues so far.

@jumboshrimp I admire your coolness. I think I might have trashed the place up. πŸ€™

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The first beta release of Glossaico 1.0 is out for early adopters, testers and linux-on-mobile enthusiasts.

Glossaico is a linux-on-mobile language learning application based on @librelingo.



@jumboshrimp what do you do is a solid conversational starter.. And take it from there..

@kaosfang I know there are tools for photos. Are there tools for documents?

Hey guys, I was wondering if you are using a URL shortening service or not. If yes what is your usage for and why?

Any owner of a pair of freebuds pro willing to help please dm me, got some questions ! Thanks and please πŸ˜ƒ

@ChrisWere I've used both element and Schildi. Satisfied with them both.

@ceruds @ademalsasa @verita84 fluffy chat and schildi are two more matrix clients..

@ademalsasa I'm using matrix. Better choice of clients and compatibility with different OSs

@davep yeah in rural areas indeed you can't do much without car.

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