client for iOS that has video voice capabilities and omemo ??

Snikket iOS will be a fork where you don't have so much to setup for a good experience one day.

For siskin change it like this for a good experience.

These Siskin settings:

Chats -> Message Encryption: OMEMO (was: None)
Media -> File download limit: 5MB (was: 0MB)
Media -> File sharing via HTTP: enabled (was: disabled)
Experimental -> Groupchats bookmarks sync: enabled (was: disabled)
Experimental -> Use public STUN servers: disabled (was: enabled)

Account -> Push notifications: enabled (was: disabled)
Account -> Message Archiving -> Automatic synchronization: enabled (was: disabled)
Account -> Message Archiving -> Synchronization: 7 days

And in OMEMO MUCs, settings, enable notifications ;)

The best experience is with their own servers, second best on some special prosody deployments for the push notification to work.

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