@tapaniraja Excluding the answer "By the user" (HCD), I develop features, which includes at least frontend, backend, testing (unit, integration and E2E), and usually design adaptions or even redesign.

@konrad Also, you save the returned socket from `net.connect()` in the `socket` variable, yet you do nothing with it. IMHO it makes sense to save it in a var when you need to attach event listeners to that socket (close, connect, data, etc…) nodejs.org/api/net.html#net_ev

So I guess that simply executing the `net.connect()` without assigning it to a variable is enough in this case (though the garbage collector will discard this variable at some point 😛 )

@konrad IMHO there's no need for the `async` keyword in this function, since no `await` is used inside and you return a Promise anyway 🤷 .

You'd need to use the `async` keyword when consuming this function in another one:

const checkNetwork = async () => {
const serviceStatus = await _isAvailableNetworkService('host:port');


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