So (a FOSS writing/authoring tool) has come back alive!

The person helping running things now seems *very* active and it's been a joy to see things moving again after almost a year of hiatus. Of course I'm just a passive bystander and previously active user of the software, but it's cool to see the project rejuvenated!

Very excited to see where things go. Might be able to ditch finally in favor of a FOSS alternative.

Not that L&L have done a bad job. Not at all.

Just finished “Black Summer” (TV show) and it was brilliant.

Also realized it’s an Asylum production and was released around the same time as these “classics” from them:

- “6-Headed Shark Attack”
- “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time”
- “Arctic Apocalypse”
- “Triassic World”, and
- “Battle Star Wars”

Not sure what to think 🤔

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Wiki Loves Folklore 2021 is in action! Submit your photos or discover amazing photos of folk culture uploaded by other users:

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As you age, you never really feel like you’ve “figured it out”. But maybe you get to realize nobody else has either.

@orgrinrt: In the video the jouhikko is played in a more Estonian style (talharpa) as opposed to the traditional Finnish style, in which one uses the backs of their fingers to bend the string, grasping the body of the jouhikko instead of hovering below the top string.

An example of the more traditional Finnish way of playing jouhikko:

Performed by the awesome Rauno Nieminen.

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Interested in buying a jouhikko and learning to play it.

Concerned about my neighbours though. I live in an apartment building so they might not appreciate the first few weeks of screeching and unbearable distorted noises 🤔

Included below a video of someone playing a jouhikko for those who don't know the instrument.

@orgrinrt: It has a bunch of PRs and unresolved issues in their repo with little to no communication from maintainers (at least seemingly so) for almost a year, so it looks like things may not be fixed soon.

Almost tempted to try and get into the repo and see what might cause the problems and throw in a PR but with the amount of activity it has had, might be wasted effort. Also I'm not truly convinced it's the best design/premise.

Keeping my eyes peeled for any new FOSS alternatives though!

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Got 3 running on wine 6.1 without any extra hassle. It's a rc release with fixed expiration so not sure if the licensing part works fine.

I really tried to make work (a FOSS alternative that has a native linux build) but I had issues with constant, abrupt crashes and the UX isn't on par just yet.

I often wish life was more like dis and less like malbolge.

Scratch that. Life should be more like legos.

Not that the noses seem too big to me — I don’t see it. But I’ve never been this aware of the shapes of the noses and... their existence in the first place. And I can’t turn these lenses off — all I can focus on now are noses, aggressively.

Send help.

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So a friend told me how he can’t unsee the fact how big human noses are proportionally. After some argument he told me to specifically watch out for noses next time I’m watching tv or a movie.

I think he ruined humans for me.

I had a real big brain moment.

I calculated that I’ll save considerable amounts of money by buying candy from wholesale. I don’t even eat that much of them, but I like to have a cache of a wide variety available in case I need a morale boost. For the most part they have a great shelf life and generally don’t go stale that easily, so a grand idea!

So... I have a couple of hundreds of euros worth of candy shipping to me as we speak.

Uh oh.

You know how you shake an oat milk container thoroughly before pouring?

Well I just took a soda can from the fridge, shook it thoroughly and blasted it all over my kitchen.

Unsure what to make of this. I’m a dumbass?

But I’m excited to get back to all of it, even if I can’t bother to salvage any of the old projects.

But oh how I wish the Linux as a platform was ready for music production.

Of course you can already do music with it but it’d mean sacrificing a lot of the kit you are familiar with, and missing almost all of the top-op-the-line vsts and libs (due to no player).

I for one don’t have the energy to start over completely fresh, especially after spending thousands after thousands in these vsts.

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Realistically I could just replace the missing fx or instruments but it feels so tiresome to try and get to the same sound and go through the process of finding the sounds again that you once spent so long finding.

In the process I could find something even cooler, sure. But it’s like writing a book, then removing 33% of its content and then trying to re-write it. It’s just so tiresome and anxiousness-inducing to even think about.

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Makes me laugh, really.

I was so sure I would rather not make music anymore if it meant I’d never have to touch windows again.

What a ridiculous thought. There are things you can’t take away from someone. Passion for one.

Doesn’t seem to die.

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Honestly I’m almost giving up with this and just abandoning all the old projects I have. One project is a nearly finished full-length album but I used *a lot* of weird, obscure freeware vsts that just don’t exist anywhere anymore apparently.

Most of these freeware vsts are portable in that they are single dlls without extra settings or data anywhere. I made the mistake of burning all of it when I buried windows last time.

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Been going 2 hours straight locating and installing all the various vst I’ve used after giving in and finally dual-booting windows for music production again.

Can’t express in words how much I would appreciate portable installation options for these... It would be nice to just have all the vsts and instruments in an external drive to quickly get going after environment changes.

Looks like there’s still ways to go... some vsts (libre niche ones mainly) I can’t for the life of me find anymore.

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For all the programmers who say "premature optimization is the root of all evil," I present to you my silverware drawer.

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