Senator Ted Cruz comes under fire from Texans after reports that he left struggling state for warmer Mexico.
Cruz blasted for reportedly flying to Cancun amid Texas freeze

I am painfully aware that my beloveds dedication to Apple products has me firmly enmeshed in the iPhone / MAC Universe. Goal this year -> use A+ skills to build a bada$$ Linux Escape Pod

"Did you know, for example, that a SIM can run apps and communicate over the mobile network entirely independently of the host phone? Or that the SIM is arguably more in control of the phone baseband than the phone’s “main” operating system? Or that SIMs can support TCP/IP and run a web server?"

Well, happy 2021 everbody. Here to hope that the old problems truly pass away leaving space for new hope!

all things are one thing
how many lives to learn this
leaves fall from my tree

So, I'm soliciting opinions again. My wife and I got into a friendly debate. "Where are you going to find a paying tech job for Linux? Isn't everything Microsoft? Linux is more of a fan boy thing isn't it?" What answers do we have guys & gals?

Coming from traditional social medias, non techy people may find the fediverse boring.

Its important that we engage in more diverse topics too.

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