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1/ Features I'll need when I eventually tackle forking Mastodon, a thread 

A button for Boost With CW that fills the reply box with:

Boost With CW: (cws) ♻️

Reply Contents:




(explainer that explains that to get the actual post one has to open the post thread and scroll up or follow the link)


This is more of a convenience for me because I often want to boost things but my main account has a strict CW policy and I don't want to have to copy a template every time.

reference to politics 

Thinking about how one time my friend posted screenshots of an argument he'd gotten into on a leftist subreddit or sth and instead of actually taking sides on whatever minor disagreement it was over my response was "hey, wait a minute, isn't that @LemmyDev ?"

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#mastodev put the freaking 🥺emoji in the default emoji pack i've got simping and sniveling to do

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Hey, fedi! Can I get some new #PinePhone videos? I'm feeling the weight of current events and those are like my version of cat videos.

coding help? 

Anybody know why this recursive function isn't working right? Instead of picking up where it left off in the loop after calling itself, it's just calling itself once and then proceeds to ignore the for loop.

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reference to covid pandemic, music production, free software as in free lunch 

Moog and Korg have released some synth apps for free amid the whole pandemic thing in case anybody was looking to pick up music production.

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ST:Disco S2E8 

"The probe used multiple SQL injections, but I have yet to find any compromised files"



why are you still running SQL


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I just want to make this perfectly clear: I will never use (known to be) backdoored crypto. I will not purchase "compliant" devices. If it comes down to it, I will stockpile grandfathered legacy devices.

Don't let the coronavirus hype distract you. They're pushing this shit through **right now**.

If you don't yet know about the government's latest attempt to legislate encryption backdoors, look here

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<< Weird how the stock markets are plunging so much when no infrastructure has been destroyed and no natural resources have been depleted. Almost like all that value actually comes from people's labour. I wonder if anyone's written anything about this? >>

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Online is real life.

In person is real life.

The difference is online is long-distance.

the tweetdeck style layout isn't just useful, it also makes you feel like a power usert.

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#Mastodon feature request idea: A list of all the open polls you've posted. Would be really nice for reboosting them before they close!

#MastoDev, #meta

Finally switched my big Debian box's desktop environment to Gnome and it slaps

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I want to make Linux more accessible to everyone, but also make the complicated and ever growing field of distros easier to understand.

That's the goal or my new project, Try Linux.

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a good pithy quote that sums up my take well enough

"The EARN It Act threatens the safety of activists, domestic violence victims, and millions of others who rely on strong encryption every day," Kate Ruane, senior legislative counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement. "Because of the safety and security encryption provides, Congress has repeatedly rejected legislation that would create an encryption backdoor. This bill is not the solution to the real and serious harms it claims to address."

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While everyone is completely distracted by a virus, the bipartisan EARN IT Act is poised to subvert encryption under the guise of protecting the children

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"'#Encryption remains the elephant in the room," #JamesBrokenshire, the #UnitedKingdom's security minister, said during the DOJ press conference. 'I’ve got to say that putting our children at risk for what I believe are marginal privacy gains is something I really struggle to believe any of us want.'"

How can someone with so little understanding of how security works become the government minister of it?

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