@immychan Can I see a screenfetch or neofetch? That setup is awesome!

@optimuspnj Its just as much for noobs as mint or ubuntu or debian or manjaro. MX is very sleek and has a lot of online resources if you need help.

@optimuspnj no distro is a distro "for noobs". All of them are just polished for some use-case. Some are easier to customize, like Gentoo, Arch etc, and some are easier for regular users to use, like MX Linux, ElementaryOS and others.

Do you know where your business data is, right now? Who has access? Who can change them, sell them? What terms of service did you sign, did you read them? By #selfhosting #Nextcloud your data is always 100% under your control, safe and sound - nextcloud.com/files/#on-prem

Can we break 4K followers before the end of 2019? CAN WE?! You decide! Spread the good word of #Linux gaming.

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| Use |
| Linux |
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Now you can translate #Fedilab app description into your own language. The description consists of the text displayed on F-Droid or Google Play pages depending on the language of the user.
It is better to have our own human πŸ™‹ translation then enabling auto-translation 🏭 which in most cases displays surprises for the end user.

Want to contribute ? Your advice, ideas and suggestions to re-word Fedilab description πŸ“ are welcome :blobheart:
Join us πŸ‘‹ : crowdin.com/project/mastalab

In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services πŸ™Œ

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant. #onionizetheweb

is a image format.

FLIF uses the MANIAC compression algorithm to achieve compression rates competitive with some lossy image formats. FLIF uses interlacing which allows for an accurate low-scale preview to be made from the first portion of an image, meaning images can be progressively loaded and don't require thumbnails. FLIF also works well on all image types, including photos and art.

Website πŸ”—οΈ: flif.info/

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: flif

I'm currently tooting from , a Linux Mastodon client app. UI looks neat! @bleakgrey

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