@ademalsasa Hello sir!
I bought a new laptop. An i3 one. 😌 What to do, I'm on a low budget.

It's an Asus Vivobook X540UAR. I have faced a big trouble after installing Linux. It has Realtek 8821CE wireless driver which is not supported by Linux kernel by default.

After spending a lot of time, I found a way to patch the kernel.

I just inform you cz you wish for buying a laptop for me. 😊

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@optimuspnj @ademalsasa
Or plug in a TP-Link TL-WN823N USB/Wifi adapter for $10.

@rudolf @ademalsasa I have spent every penny which I have for that Laptop. πŸ˜‚

@rudolf @optimuspnj hi, it's interesting, I could not find WN823 in either H-Node nor RYF. Can you elaborate, does it works without nonfree blob at all? Or alternatively, does it work on a 100% libre distro? Thank you!

@optimuspnj congratulations! Wow, I am glad you have new laptop now.

For the wifi adapter, very fortunately now we all have, an online database that listed 100% compatible wifi adapters for GNU/Linux.

You can buy for example a USB wifi with sure that it will work on GNU/Linux.

To be more precise, now we also have Respects Your Freedom (RYF) certified hardware list at FSF

I wish you the best.

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