I need a Linux Distro for portable use. (like Puppy Linux)
It must be persistent.
I have a 16GB flash drive.

What is the best?

- I have tried Ubuntu 19.10 with persistent storage. It works but that's not what I need.


What problema did you have with puppy? Helps to know to recommend you a new one

@wuwei No no, don't misunderstand me. I just searching for another one. Puppy Linux is great.

I got a problem with GCC. I installed GCC, but it didn't recognized as a command in Terminal.

I really appreciate your toot. Thank you. ❤


Well then Knoppix or MX are also some options

@optimuspnj Most Linux distros can be installed on a 16GB flash drive and be usable. What specifically are you looking for?

@matt I tried Ubuntu 19.10 with Persistent support. I liked it, but it caused some problems. Such as not detecting screen brightness, Not opening Chromium after installation etc.

Thank you so much for the reply. ❤ Can you suggest a distro? A Debian based one?

@Apitronics It will do, But I don't know how to install Debian with persistent support. Is it possible?

Thank you for your reply. ❤

@optimuspnj It seems to be possible since Debian 9 at least.

A quick search on the Internet give us a protocol. I don't know if this website is still maintained, but :

@optimuspnj I have an arch install like this, not much needs changing beyond setting journalctl not to persist logs to disk, and using `libeatmydata`.

@optimuspnj As other stated, it's hard to recommend something. Honestly I figured puppy would be awesome for this, as it's lightweight and I'm assuming install it to a flash drive. There is Tiny Core also, but not sure how portable that would be.

@jordan31 Thank you for the reply. ❤ I'll stick with Puppy then.

@optimuspnj Try out Porteus. It's a bit different from other distros and perfect for this use case.

I have played with it briefly and found it interesting. A friend swears by it.

It's a bit slow at updating and the current release is a year old, but the packages come from slackware and should be possible to upgrade.

@optimuspnj hello, your post appears on my timeline thanks to #FOSS tag.

Why persistent? In my experience, persistent mode is slow. You can install any GNU/Linux distro to flash drive if you want. I recommend EXT2 filesystem for that. Just select bootloader to be installed in that drive and run the OS everywhere.

Good luck!

@ademalsasa I'm looking for persistent distro because...

My laptop was died two days ago, I was using an eight year old laptop. You know how it feels like when IT guy lost his machine. 😌

My cousin has a laptop but he is using Windows which I hate the most. Somehow, I have to do my studies and stuff. I was unable to buy a laptop so sooner, because I'm a student... So... I'm ended up like this.

Anyway thank you so much for the reply sir! ❤

@optimuspnj I wish you to have new laptop. Ah for mentioned problem, it's still better to install the OS to flash drive rather than persistence, as you can do it with a Windows laptop. Good luck.

I use Debian 10 persistent live on a daily basis for work, since I'm forced to use Win10 on that machine but I prefer to know what my computer is doing. Works great, just few minor issues, easily solvable.

I tried Puppy and it works great, also flashed into some USB for friends as a gift.
Xubuntu is quite OK but on some machines is not so snappy and gets very slow, same for Lubuntu.

@optimuspnj I used Ubuntu 16.04 on a usb flash drive once, it worked pretty well. I would recommend Ubuntu MATE 16.04 though.

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