15. cn.wps.xiaomi.abroad.lite
16. com.miui.analytics
17. com.android.browser
18. com.mi.android.globalminusscreen

Add yours too, if you are using MIUI.

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Hello guys! I have bought an Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 device cz I had very small budget. I'm creating a safe to remove bloatware list which comes with MIUI.

1. com.xiaomi.glgm
2. com.xiaomi.mipicks
3. com.mi.global.bbs
4. com.xiaomi.payment
5. com.micredit.in
6. com.mipay.wallet.id
7. com.mipay.wallet.in
8. com.xiaomi.midrop
9. com.miui.msa.global
10. com.miui.msa.global
11. com.facebook.appmanager
12. com.facebook.system
13. com.miui.android.fashiongallery
14. com.miui.yellowpage


I've got another problem.

Is there any Linux Alternative for this Windows app?


*Found a solution!*

I've asked this questions on 27th of April but I got no solution from here.

Question -

Is there any Android OpenVPN client, which supports custom HTTP headers? (CRLF)

Solution -

Install HTTP Custom, Then connect to a free vpn which they have provided, export settings, study the app generated OVPN file.

Then you will get an idea how to customize that file. You can add your VPN server credentials and proxy address there.

Not an easy solution but it worked. 😊

Guys, I need some

I need some articles about Facebook's privacy violations and Google's privacy issues. I would like to translate them to my native language and spread the word..

Thank you in advance.

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@optimuspnj Its just as much for noobs as mint or ubuntu or debian or manjaro. MX is very sleek and has a lot of online resources if you need help.

@optimuspnj no distro is a distro "for noobs". All of them are just polished for some use-case. Some are easier to customize, like Gentoo, Arch etc, and some are easier for regular users to use, like MX Linux, ElementaryOS and others.

Do you know where your business data is, right now? Who has access? Who can change them, sell them? What terms of service did you sign, did you read them? By #selfhosting #Nextcloud your data is always 100% under your control, safe and sound - nextcloud.com/files/#on-prem

Can we break 4K followers before the end of 2019? CAN WE?! You decide! Spread the good word of #Linux gaming.

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