Now you can translate #Fedilab app description into your own language. The description consists of the text displayed on F-Droid or Google Play pages depending on the language of the user.
It is better to have our own human πŸ™‹ translation then enabling auto-translation 🏭 which in most cases displays surprises for the end user.

Want to contribute ? Your advice, ideas and suggestions to re-word Fedilab description πŸ“ are welcome :blobheart:
Join us πŸ‘‹ :

In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services πŸ™Œ

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant. #onionizetheweb

is a image format.

FLIF uses the MANIAC compression algorithm to achieve compression rates competitive with some lossy image formats. FLIF uses interlacing which allows for an accurate low-scale preview to be made from the first portion of an image, meaning images can be progressively loaded and don't require thumbnails. FLIF also works well on all image types, including photos and art.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: flif

I'm currently tooting from , a Linux Mastodon client app. UI looks neat! @bleakgrey

@ademalsasa Hello sir!
I bought a new laptop. An i3 one. 😌 What to do, I'm on a low budget.

It's an Asus Vivobook X540UAR. I have faced a big trouble after installing Linux. It has Realtek 8821CE wireless driver which is not supported by Linux kernel by default.

After spending a lot of time, I found a way to patch the kernel.

I just inform you cz you wish for buying a laptop for me. 😊

is a lossless optimizer.

OptiPNG recompresses PNG files to decrease their size. This process is lossless, meaning the contents of the images are exactly the same once decompressed. OptiPNG can work on several formats, including and , outputting an optimized PNG version of whatever input is given. OptiPNG can also verify the integrity of an image and recover metadata.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: optipng

Calibre 4.0 - an excellent ebook reader for Linux!

The development is taking off; adding new ebook viewer.

Calibre is and ebook reader or viewer, an ebook manager, an ebook converter & a general cross-platform do-all-the-things utility, ticking pretty much all boxes now.


is a lossy optimizer.

pngnq quantizes PNG images down only a few colors. This can cause noticable color transitions on very plain areas, but greatly decreases the file size of the image. pngnq can quantize images down to only 2 colors, dither the output to add pseudo color, can sample more pixels for a more accurate quantization, and supports transparency.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: pngnq

I need a Linux Distro for portable use. (like Puppy Linux)
It must be persistent.
I have a 16GB flash drive.

What is the best?

- I have tried Ubuntu 19.10 with persistent storage. It works but that's not what I need.

My laptop cooling fan is broken. 😐 One piece of the fan is broken but it's rotating fine. πŸ˜‚

+ I have no money to replace it! 😐

Guys, What is the best public DNS provider? Specially which respect privacy.

Our friends at Tails are looking for a design contractor to create illustrations explaining what is Tails and how it works.

Tails is a portable operating system that protects your privacy and avoids censorship.

Design brief and application:

@Matter @optimuspnj certbot is the officially recommended solution by letsencrypt. I've got a cardboard box in my livingroom with 5 different domains routing to it, each with managed certs by certbot on nginx and it was easy as pie to set up.

It says Let's Encrypt SSL certificates will expire after 90 days. How can I extend it without renewing certificates?

Is there any Free SSL certificates providers like Let's Encrypt?

- I'm not complaining, I'm just asking. I really appreciate Let's Encrypt's free SSL service.

-dl is a public domain video and audio downloader for a wide range of sites.

youtube-dl can download from YouTube, PeerTube, and pretty much anything with a video or audio stream embedded somewhere in the page.

youtube-dl can also recurse into other video links present on the page, allowing for a full account/channel if so desired.

It can also download comments and other metadata.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: youtube-dl

is a .

Logisim allows you to simulate the interaction between binary logic gates. Simple example circuits like RS-NOR latches and decoder arrays can be created in moments. Complex computers, graphics cards, and more can be created in Logisim as well.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: logisim

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