I've just released the first version of my Android Text Editor, source and .apk hosted by @codeberg at

I'll have a look at getting it onto @fdroidorg soon.

@oppen @codeberg @fdroidorg

Cool. 👍

For the built apk, it might be better to attach them to the releases instead of putting them into the source repository. Else people (or F-Droid bot) who want to build from source, they will have to checkout all the releases which piled up...

@ashimokawa tried that, the upload didn't work. The .apk is refused so just added it to the repo for now instead. Need to speak to Codeberg about it.


I will have a look. Thanks!
(I am part of the codeberg team)

@ashimokawa great, cheers. Try grabbing the .apk, create a dummy repo, create a release and drag and drop the apk. It uploads but the UI has a semi transparent cross overlayed the icon and it doesn't get added to the release.


Weird, we did not change anything.
Let us know when you have problems again.

@ashimokawa could well be my end but not had similar issues with GitHub. Our internet is cellular with lots of packet loss so...

@oppen what @codeberg wrote. Another good pre-starter would be establishing Fastlane file structure in your repo (see That way you can maintain summary/description yourself (w/o needing MRs to get changes out), provide screenshots and maybe even per-release changelogs.

We'll meet soon in the RFP section, and possibly even before. Watch my repo tonight 🤣

@IzzyOnDroid I'm not a Fastlane fan I'm afraid. Regarding the .apk release the upload was blocked by Codeberg/Gitea for some reason, I need to contact them about it.

@oppen Well, without Fastlane you won't have screenshots. And your app lacks an icon as well (website won't show any), which would also be picked from there. But that's up to you of course.

For the blocked upload, I'm sure @codeberg will take care to fix that faster than you can get a beer from the brewery 😉

@oppen @codeberg @fdroidorg

in video you show you can see the markdown text.

how do you do it?

@mondstern If a file ends with .md it'll display a markdown button in the bottom nav. There's a bug if you create a markdown file though - you'll need to open the file again to see the button. Will fix within the next week.

@mondstern Yeah, create some content, save as - then goto Open and open it and you should get the MD button. Sorry!


thanks for the text editor. thanks for programming. and thanks for hosting the code on @codeberg
i guess as a programmer you're happy to read that.

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