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Much to my surprise, Lite managed to compile (and run!) on my Alpine Linux system without any issues.


Everything rxi seems to do comes in a thoughtfully distilled package. Really elegant stuff.

I'm going to implement HaldCLUT in Kotlin aren't I... another itch that needs scratching.

Working until 10.30 on a bank holiday weekend - not cool, even in lockdown. Client came back with an issue last thing, rather than worry until Tuesday I pulled a late one - better that than stress.

Another project moved to @codeberg : DitherKt - old-school error diffusion filters ported to Kotlin: codeberg.org/oppen/DitherKt

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"Capitalism generates security for the few and insecurity for the many. Digital technologies are making it worse." - Astra Taylor

#capitalism #insecurity #technology


First day using this de-googled Fairphone 3 as my main device and the battery is still at 66% at bedtime. You wouldn't last until early evening before needing to top up the charge on the Pixel 4

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« A former contractor who helped blow the whistle on the company’s programme to listen to users’ Siri recordings has decided to go public, in protest at the lack of action taken as a result of the disclosures. » theguardian.com/technology/202

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I found that having a phone without google apps is in fact a blessing. If it doesn't run in f-droid you likely don't need it. Few exceptions.

You'll notice your phone has a lot less functionality. Still works as a phone, camera, music player tho.

You wind up using doing a lot less on your phone, and that is a good thing.

Managed to get /e/ looking a little nicer with Trebuchet launcher. Open Camera was too slow so replaced with Simple Camera. Simple Dialler for calls too.

As part of my strategy I've been looking at a replacement for Google Photos, which has led me down the rabbit-hole of raw image processing.

Years ago I did some research on trilateration using BLE beacons. I found that room shape, furniture, presence of other bodies, all made it next to impossible to accurately position a person (at least given the time I had). Getting an accurate distance without trilateration is impossible, even with smoothing the data is too variable. Also, if there's a person between you and someone infected, it'll look like they're much much further away, the human body reduces the BLE signal strength.

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