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Work in progress. VoIP client for - incoming and outgoing calls working. Just needs some more user feedback and state handling.

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I just put the new Site.js web site live. It also has the first build of version 13 (consider it an alpha build) that you can start playing with if you want to see what the next version of Site.js is going to be like.

(Install and get your first server running in under a minute or your money back) ;P


If you've missed the Hey/Apple saga it's worth reading through DHHs tweets from the last day or two: twitter.com/dhh

Quick dog walk on moor: curlews, lapwings and a peregrine. Every time we contemplate moving away to a bigger house something magical happens up here.

I've neglected my blog, so here's an update: oppenlab.net/blog/2020/06/17/n - lot's of new projects n the go, as well as the day job.

LUT filter plus these 4 operations now in a single Renderscript pass.

I got a filter/tone pipeline working. It's extremely fast, all Renderscript. LUT filters and saturation so far. Brightness and contrast next. Tempted to turn it into a camera app but the camera API on Android is famously an absolute mess.

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Working on an Android port of an existing iOS app at work. Thought I'd get iOS built so I could refer to it... XCode is 8.1GB.

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@PixelDroid clone this and see how you get on: codeberg.org/oppen/Latt - still some work to do, but it's quick.

I've migrated from Kotlin to Renderscript for this Android photo filter app and the processing times for a full resolution image have gone from ~35 seconds to < 5 seconds.

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