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If you have tried the release of @opensuse Leap 15.2, @distrowatch visitors probably would like to read a review about your experience -

It's always IMPORTANT to Backup your system before an upgrade. your way to moving from @opensuse Leap 15.1 to 15.2 from the command line - Be Safe Out There.

If you haven't downloaded @opensuse Leap 15.2 yet, it is never too late. Try out @xfce_blog 4.14. The release provides polishing for an enjoyable user experience and introduces quite a few new features.

We Love . Not just because it is the codename for @gnome 3.34 and is in @opensuse Leap 15.2 - - That's just a bonus. Thessaloniki has a great open source community.

Linux laptops are very powerful. There is a good reason for why sysadmins and Open-Source developers order @opensuse Leap on ; it's because of the reliability and stability of both -

@SUSE supports migration from Leap to SLE. @opensuse Leap 15.2 moves even closer to the enterprise version by cleaning-up and consolidating some of the core packages. It's simple to migrate and 15.3 is shaping up to be seamless -

One of the unique things about is having a tested rolling distribution like @opensuse Tumbleweed and a rock solid point distribution like Leap 15.2 -

Want to order a top of the line Linux laptop with @opensuse Leap 15.2? You can! Get one of the newest NoteBooks from with Leap 15.2 on it!

Unsere Freunde bei @opensuse haben gerade Leap Version 15.2 veröffentlicht, die eine ganze Reihe neuer Funktionen bietet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Mehr über die neue Version hier: #openSUSE #Leap152

Find out what's new, what's different and what's stayed the same in @opensuse Leap 15.2 -

Join us today as we celebrate the release of @opensuse Leap 15.2. Bring a beer, coffee or team and hang out with the community - Edit the wiki and start an area of your own to meet with others using, or something else.

The release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 provides adopters a reliable server operating system for deploying IT services and the tools, languages and libraries to have fun -

@opensuse I use #openSUSE because of the community, YaST, Zypper, Snapper and an excellent Plasma implementation. I use Tumbleweed because, despite is a rolling release distro, is more stable than others. And last but not least, I love Geeko! 🦎


The release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 brings @kde LTS version of Plasma. If you haven't tried Plasma 5.18, you don't know what you are missing; really -

@opensuse Leap 15.2 highly suitable for home, office and for business uses. Need a powerful OS for any use case? openSUSE Leap makes cloud, server, application and container deployments easy peasy -

GPU virtualization is quite popular among vendors like AMD, Intel and Nvidia and @opensuse Leap 15.2 helps to delivers these implementation with solutions for virtualized and cloud environments -

System administrators, university IT staff and students have been extremely pleased with the usability of @opensuse Leap and 15.2 is no exception. A whole list of features and of course the open source code is easy to customizable and teach -

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