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There has be an enormous evolution of the Open Build Service in the last year, Find out what the team has been revamping for the past year - @opensuse Conference

The @opensuse Taiwan community has monthly events/workshops focusing on tech like @nextclouders @gnome & more. Coming up, Leap 15.1 & @KubicProject -

spec files contain large parts of boiler plate code. @opensuse & more are trying to help reduce this clutter. See what this means by watching this talk about "Re-Thinking Spec Files"...

The #OpenBuildService devs are getting closer to completing the Bootstrap migration and this time, they have revamped the Cloud and Monitor pages. Check it out - and of course give feedback! #openSUSE #OBS

Contributing to Free Software is just as important as advocating it. Talk about why and other are beneficial to everyone as @rskikuli did at the @opensuse Conference. @kde @debian @ubuntu @Raspberry_Pi @gnome

Chairs with an IP Address? It exists 😳 Devices all over the world are connecting. The is important & this @opensuse Conference talk discusses how to connect these devices with openSUSE. See how it's done -

One of the talks at the @opensuse Conference talked about , the name & . The talks covered a lot of history & plans for the future. If you haven't seen this talk, it is worth listening to as well as the follow on discussion -

Find out about Identity in as part of this high-level introduction to & the role it plays in a multitenancy computing environment - @opensuse Conference

The Call for Papers for the @opensuse Asia Summit will close next week. Submit your proposal today before it's too late -

Find out why using Kubic will make your life easier with the speed of container orchestration & from this @opensuse Conference talk -

Cross-distro collaboration in action! Discussion about Rust packaging, changes and spec files during a talk at the @opensuse Conference Fedora @debian

engineer & contributor Neal Gompa discusses package management & differences between vs. at this year's @opensuse Conference - @OpenMandriva

Luis Falcon gave another great talk about GNU Health at the @opensuse Conference. Discussed was the GNU Health Federation introduced in the 3.4 series and what it takes to build nationwide federated networks + more -

The @opensuse conference had several great talks. The talk about the cilium project from thomas graf was excellent. Learn more about and its benefits -

The CfP for the @opensuse Asia Summit 2019 is just 24 days away. We would love to cya in Bali, Indonesia, so submit your talk before it is too late. Do forget about the logo competition either. That's just a couple weeks away -

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