The @opensuse YaST team has been hard at work bringing support for the multi-device Btrfs file system. Find out how to manage multi-device Btrfs with the YaST Partitioner and more from this YaST blog -

Was really happy to have Frank from @nextclouders give a talk at this year's @opensuse Conference. His conversation with Swapnil was top notch -

has a developer program! To learn more about it, watch this @opensuse Conference talk from one of the members of the developer relationship team -

Next week is and if you are interested in participating, there are a few projects that might catch your attention at Just contact the person for the project if you want to help out. @opensuse

How many ways can you install ? A lot of ways.Here is yet another way to install @opensuse with a bit of -

There has be an enormous evolution of the Open Build Service in the last year, Find out what the team has been revamping for the past year - @opensuse Conference

The @opensuse Taiwan community has monthly events/workshops focusing on tech like @nextclouders @gnome & more. Coming up, Leap 15.1 & @KubicProject -

@feynman If you prefer bleeding edge built directly from Git over stability maybe check Argon/Krypton:

spec files contain large parts of boiler plate code. @opensuse & more are trying to help reduce this clutter. See what this means by watching this talk about "Re-Thinking Spec Files"...

The #OpenBuildService devs are getting closer to completing the Bootstrap migration and this time, they have revamped the Cloud and Monitor pages. Check it out - and of course give feedback! #openSUSE #OBS

Contributing to Free Software is just as important as advocating it. Talk about why and other are beneficial to everyone as @rskikuli did at the @opensuse Conference. @kde @debian @ubuntu @Raspberry_Pi @gnome

Chairs with an IP Address? It exists 😳 Devices all over the world are connecting. The is important & this @opensuse Conference talk discusses how to connect these devices with openSUSE. See how it's done -

One of the talks at the @opensuse Conference talked about , the name & . The talks covered a lot of history & plans for the future. If you haven't seen this talk, it is worth listening to as well as the follow on discussion -

Find out about Identity in as part of this high-level introduction to & the role it plays in a multitenancy computing environment - @opensuse Conference

The Call for Papers for the @opensuse Asia Summit will close next week. Submit your proposal today before it's too late -

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