@opensuse YaST Development Sprint 73 adding support to AutoYaST and now you can use the home_btrfs_subvolume to control whether a should be used as home directory - bit.ly/2TaSHoY

The deadline for submitting Travel Support Program requests for the @opensuse Conference is April 12. If you plan on using the TSP to attend, time is quickly running out - bit.ly/2R3UP4F

Slides about buffer overflows and counter measures employed in @opensuse from the talk given at are available at bit.ly/2NU4Ayq See the talk at bit.ly/2UpBn0J

We had some excellent talks for the @opensuse Summit at There were many diverse topics about @nextclouders , , and more. You can watch the entirety of the talks at youtu.be/OsSpcN7h2vE

Ready to start the big day at . We will have an @opensuse Geeko Lounge and will be doing our openSUSE Summit today. Tons of great talks planned for today - bit.ly/2XHGFXs

We are please to announce Oracle as a sponsor for this year's @opensuse Conference. Thank you for your continued support - bit.ly/2Uj6paF

The three Tumbleweed snapshots released this week are all trending stable with a rating above 91. If you hadn't "zypper dup" in a while with running a Tumbleweed machine, this might be a good week to do so - news.opensuse.org/2019/03/01/t

@opensuse spring brings the “Create as Btrfs Subvolume” option with the YaST Users module. Create the home path of new users as a subvolume instead of a plain directory w/Btrfs file-system - bit.ly/2UbjXEV

📢 NUEVO artículo en mi blog

forosuse.org está caído. disculpen las molestias.


Desde hace un par de días forosuse.org el foro oficial en español de la comunidad de @opensuse está caído, pero se está trabajando en devolverlo on-line y mejorado.

@opensuse openSUSE was actually the first distro I ever installed. It was about time to come home.

I just installed @opensuse Tumbleweed because I got sick of old packages and flatpak. And boy... it looks and feels fantastic...

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