Just received my super chameleon plushy, inspired by @opensuse geeko, handmade by @doomyflo ! ❤️

"Everything seems to be working perfectly. […] Good stuff!"
J. A. Watson of ZDNet is testing Tumbleweed among other distributions on his new laptop:

If you plan on attending this year's Conference, please consider booking your hotel ASAP. There is an event in Nuremberg happening at the same time that will be highly attended by opticians - events.opensuse.org/conference

masrust will be deeply missed by and openSUSE Indonesia 😢
Our thought and condolences are with him and his family. twitter.com/medwinz/status/108

events.opensuse.org is back up and running. CfP for the Conference is open until Feb. 3, which is about two weeks from now.

Thanks to all the @opensuse developers and maintainers. Been using openSUSE since 2005. Love it! Now on 15 and enjoying it even more.

@aran Yeah, Fediverse started in 2008 with laconica, followed by identica/statusnet which became GNU Social. (Sounds like grandpa is telling stories here... 😉)

@aran Debian has been here since circa 2010. Back then it was debian (at) quitter.se.

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