@opensuse YaST Development Sprint 73 adding support to AutoYaST and now you can use the home_btrfs_subvolume to control whether a should be used as home directory - bit.ly/2TaSHoY

Ready to start the big day at . We will have an @opensuse Geeko Lounge and will be doing our openSUSE Summit today. Tons of great talks planned for today - bit.ly/2XHGFXs

We are please to announce Oracle as a sponsor for this year's @opensuse Conference. Thank you for your continued support - bit.ly/2Uj6paF

@opensuse spring brings the “Create as Btrfs Subvolume” option with the YaST Users module. Create the home path of new users as a subvolume instead of a plain directory w/Btrfs file-system - bit.ly/2UbjXEV

Several packages were updated this week in @opensuse Tumbleweed. Read what landed in the four snapshots delivered this week - bit.ly/2Ivkmke

Learn modern methods for securing network boot infrastructure, including Secure Boot and HTTPS Boot, & how these can be enabled with the right combination of & server configuration - events.opensuse.org/conference @opensuse Summit

Happy to announce that Linux Pro Magazine is a sponsor of this year's Conference!!!

Getting the preparations started for the day. Thank you @fsfe!!! Going to decorate the building with &

Great to have @slimbook testing out the upcoming Service Pack (SP1) for @opensuse Leap 15 (15.1). Looks like people will have options to buy either a @tuxedocomputers or a @slimbook with the new service pack. We are getting ready to move from the rolling Alpha releases into the rolling betas. 15 SP1 scheduled for release in May. Test it today - software.opensuse.org/distribu

Big Daddy Linux Live is holding a European Edition this Saturday 9th February 2019 at 8:00pm UK time / 3:00pm Eastern USA.
The regular show, reviewing openSUSE Tumbleweed, shall be broadcasting at 9:00pm Eastern the same day.


We have a great lineup at the @opensuse Summit at ! One of the talks is about counter measures against buffer overflows and how to circumvent them. Find out what to do to make exploitation harder. - bit.ly/2St9sPz

This is the last week to submit a talk for the Conference. The closes this Sunday on the last day of @fosdem - events.opensuse.org/conference

If you do not have an openSUSE membership yet, now might be a good time for you to apply so you can participate in the 2018-2019 Elections and in the forward path of the Project.

See: en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Membe

Two @opensuse Tumbleweed snapshots this past week delivered new versions of grep, VLC, @kde Applications and Frameworks, Thunderbird, wireshark and more - bit.ly/2UhLwwa


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