@opensuse @kde yay!!! :) great work done by openSUSE KDE hackers!!!

@feynman If you prefer bleeding edge built directly from Git over stability maybe check Argon/Krypton: en.opensuse.org/SDB:Argon_and_

I was considering those. I'll give them a check.

You got me @opensuse I'm switching but to the Tumbleweed. Will see for how long as I tend to change my distro every 3 days. 😂

@opensuse @kde That's very weird Firefox is the only browser who stop working after a reboot. But Vivaldi does.

@opensuse @kde I thought the problem was my internet connection but that seems like coming from Firefox after a fresh install.

@opensuse @kde other fork works like Waterfox though so I guess that's Mozilla.

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