In 2020, @opensuse and @libreoffice will have a shared conference. We now have a logo from our contest winner Kukuh Syafaat -

In October, the @opensuse and LibreOffice communities will have a shared conference – and we already have a logo! Thanks to Kukuh Syafaat for the design:

If you are going to @fosdem, learn about Containers on @opensuse on Feb. 1 before lunch -

A large amount of package updates arrived in @opensuse Tumbeweed this week including curl, @libreoffice, @kde and more -

@opensuse is extremely excited about having a summit at in Tirana, Albania, this spring. The Call for Papers is open. Submit a talk and register for it at The CfP closes on April 1. No Joke 😉

The media is really pushing for Windows 7 users to transition to a distribution after a drop of support. Why not try @opensuse Or ? ? @debian? Try #1 before . It's easy! Just go to

The @opensuse​ marketing team needs a few graphics (example image posted) for Find out more about how you can contribute on the artwork mailing list:

While 2020 has started out a bit chaotic, @opensuse Tumbleweed is there providing some stability -

What would be a better start to this new year than a meeting?

Anyway, join us at the @opensuse marketing team tomorrow and get things going for 2020!

#gogreen #runwithgeeko #openSUSE

There are just a few weeks left to submit your talk for the @opensuse Summit in Dublin - The last day to submit a is on @fsfe's Day on Feb. 14.

@opensuse sprint improves usability of encryption and makes installations for @Raspberry_Pi and @IBM Z System even better -

Understand the @opensuse election process in a single view. Thank you Aris Winardi!

Are you considering running for the @opensuse Board? Now is the time to express your interest and show off your people skills -

We started the election process (Phase 0) for this year's @opensuse Board elections. During this process, apply for openSUSE Membership until mid-January. -

@opensuse Tumbleweed in November with 20 snapshots. The last seven were peaking at a stability rating of 99 of 100 -

We are looking for @opensuse members to help with the upcoming elections. Are you up for it?

Latest @opensuse sprint adds new YCustomStatusItemSelector that supports using higher numbers for application-defined purposes and fixes boot problems with Remote Encrypted Devices -

There are 80 days left to submit a talk for the @opensuse Summit in , which will take place at the end of -

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