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The release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 brought several newer technologies to the distribution along with updates from the @kde @gnome communities. Find out how the release came together and where the distribution is going!

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The @opensuse Project is a mentor organization for this year's Google Summer of Code!!! We have several projects for those who are interested in participating in the international coding program. Check out the projects at

@opensuse team sprint delivers on speeding up the AutoYaST step for “Configuring Software Selections” - moves some filtering operations from to libzypp. Plus, a new log added helps with debugging some problems.

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#openSUSE Jump 15.2 ISO ya disponible para probar

Ya está disponible la ISO para descargar y probar el proyecto openSUSE Jump en versión Alfa para acercar más SUSE Linux y @opensuse

Looks like space it wanting to hear what everyone likes about @opensuse. A month with Tumbleweed. It would be interesting to see how the stability matches up with the rating reviews for each snapshot. TW is off to a stable month. review.tumbleweed.boombatower.

The @opensuse prototype could use some testing while it's in the Alpha build phase. The Jump prototype is testing a proof of concept about building the Leap distribution in an entirely different way.

@opensuse sprint makes profiles more flexible by means of Embedded (ERB) and provides better handling of corrupted or completely incorrect AutoYaST profiles 🙂

Another great week with @opensuse Tumbleweed as the stability increased after the full rebuild of all packages in the distribution.

This Sunday (Sept. 6) is the last day for talks that were accepted for the @opensuse + @libreoffice Virtual Conference to be confirmed. Waiting on about a handful of people and then we can start planning the schedule 😀😀😀

The Open Build Service has a new notification center and it's really nice and useful! Thanks to everybody involved!

@opensuse mentors and students are in the final stretch of this year's coding event. It goes by so quickly. Happy to have and projects participate this year.

Some more advanced topics about were discussed in yesterday's live stream. The whole video is now available on @opensuse's channel.

@opensuse Leap 15.2 Reviews about the upgrade: Updated 3,000 packages in less than 20 minutes and I almost fell asleep during the upgrade 😂

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