Many other packages were updated in @opensuse Tumbleweed this week like glib, libvirt, libsoup, GTK and more -

Das Paket von @tuxedocomputers ist da! Zusammen mit dem @opensuse Merch geht es heute Nachmittag weiter nach #Kiel zur @kielux 😀🤗🐧

Latest @opensuse sprint shapes like a metalsmith to fix a bug & enhances the partitioner experience with encrypted devices -

@opensuse Tumbleweed updates for the week bring 2 kernels, 2 major version releases + updates to @mozilla Firefox, @libreoffice & GCC 9.2.1

The team provides a sprint update on status of YaST2 network refactoring, how AutoYaST defines a specific NTP configuration & what Grub2 improvements are available in a Tumbleweed installer - @opensuse

@opensuse Tumbleweed update adds support for several new HP color and enterprise printer -

The Open Build Service team continues addressing typography issues on the new user interface. We really appreciate your feedback! Details on our blog at @opensuse

The deadline to submit a Travel Support Program request for the @opensuse Asia Summit 2019 is this Saturday -

Kata Containers Packages are Available officially in @opensuse Tumbleweed -

The latest sprint enhances development documentation & touches on LibYUI - @opensuse

Three @opensuse Tumbleweed snapshots this week have brought new versions of KDE software, , , OpenVPN and more -

Latest sprint unifies keymap files for keyboard layouts, provides better handling of broken bootloader setups during upgrades & provides new features for old storage regarding snapper - @opensuse

The next version release from the Uyuni Project
will be coming soon - (link: Uyuni 4.0.2 will have some pretty cool new features that differ from ! @opensuse

Looking at with development. Find out how involvement is growing and what issues are being addressed with open-source firmware from this @opensuse Conference talk -

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