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@opensuse Leap 15.3 is the OS release that empowers developers, sysadmins and users. Find out the strength that flows between Leap and SLE. It is easy to use -

How does your machine discover items on your network? Find out the magic sauce that's about more than files shares and printers from this @opensuse Conference talk.

Get to know more about open source development and communities at the @openSUSE.Asia Summit.

Distrohoppers checking out the latest releases on @distrowatch will not be disappointed when they land on @opensuse Leap or Tumbleweed. Check out the reviews.

Last year's conference with @libreoffice ,we had a talk about use cases with the database project . Find out what changed in this follow-up session at this year's @opensuse Conference.

recently introduced a client to validate complex profiles that include , rules and classes and/or scripts. The team is diving in to advance @opensuse release tools. Find out more from the recent sprints.

We've had a lot of fun using connect.o.o. over the past decade. It has come time for @opensuse to move to a newer tool. Find out why at news.o.o.

Find out about 's new project called , which is hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software built using , , , from this @opensuse Conference keynote.

is filled with diverse people from all over the world. Take time to listen to this @opensuse Conference ⚡️ talk about recognizing the language we use & being aware of our words. Let us be more inclusive & embrace our diversity together.

@opensuse Leap 15.3 expands to having three separate repository groups instead of one to improve maintenance updates.

Join the @opensuse community meeting this coming Saturday as we get together and discuss topics near and dear to our 💚💚.

& @opensuse members had a great discussion during a recent collaboration panel during the Conference. Find out what the panel members discussed and learned from each other.

Sometimes projects get stuck or go through periods of stagnation. Listen to this @opensuse Conference talk on how to priorities, develop teams and strategies to accelerate a project.

Find out the status & plans for community distributions like @opensuse Leap 15.3, Tumbleweed and containers on @IBM Z Systems from this Conference talk about .

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