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@opensuse Leap 15.3 Alpha images are available for testing. The death of announced last week aligns well for those users ready to move to a better release model with Leap, which has a life cycle of about 18 months of maintenance and security updates per minor release.

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No rebuilding efforts are needed to benefit from the enterprise-grade code base with openSUSE Leap offers predictability. OBS is there if needed.

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The release of @opensuse Leap 15.2 brought several newer technologies to the distribution along with updates from the @kde @gnome communities. Find out how the release came together and where the distribution is going!

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The @opensuse Project is a mentor organization for this year's Google Summer of Code!!! We have several projects for those who are interested in participating in the international coding program. Check out the projects at

We are accepting talk proposals for the @opensuse Virtual Conference 2021! There are many tracks. Login, submit your talk and register for the event today.

Thank you for helping test betas! T-Shirts will be shipped out sometime around the RC, which is expected on April 21. Get more info about testing @opensuse Leap betas!

Do you plan on testing the @opensuse Leap 15.3 betas?

We have reached the beta phase of @opensuse Leap 15.3. Help contribute to the release by testing it and reporting bugs.

The team finished a recent sprint and will be focusing on bug fixes for the beta phase of @opensuse Leap 15.3 and 's SP3. Check out the YaST network changes in the last sprint.

An @opensuse Tumbleweed snapshot just came about a few minutes ago, but this review covers the previous five snapshots. and other packages were updated in this week's snapshots.

Amazing to see how Package Hub grew to thousands of community packages in such a short time. It all started with the change to @opensuse Leap a few years back! With the next release of Leap, the vision for Package Hub becomes complete. Thank you community!

Round One: #openSUSE vs #PopOS. Which do you prefer?

I am quite excited that I did another thing, my @opensuse Breeze Dark Plasma Style is now published on I hope to do more little things like this very soon. @kdecommunity #Linux #plasma

The is looking for some co-maintainers for the following packages: , , libcontainers-common, cri-o, , . Join & let @opensuse know your intentions to help out. Even better, just send package submissions.

We are getting a bit closer to reaching the beta phase for @opensuse Leap 15.3. There is a slight delay for the first beta build. Starting tests and aiming to have something soon. Wish us luck...

@flatpakappsnews is a software for building, installing and running Linux apps. The Open Build Service now supports building @FlatpakApps bundles, so you can build your own!

@opensuse distributions are waiting for you to be downloaded and used. Whether it's for use, use, devices, cloud solutions, container workload, , ... Get it at

Three snapshots this week landed in Tumbleweed. Some big changes with KDE's Plasma with a refreshed color scheme. Plus a new System Monitor!

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