@opensuse Leap 15.1 offers professional users, entrepreneurs and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) a straightforward system upgrade to continue operations and maintenance of important infrastructure and workloads - bit.ly/2DxMq1w

Flock to Fedora Call for Papers is open. Would love to see some green @opensuse members give some talks amongst the sea of Fedora blue in Budapest - pagure.io/flock

馃摙 NUEVO art铆culo en mi blog

#openSUSE Tumbleweed revisi贸n de la semana 19 de 2019


un nuevo repaso a las novedades que han llegado a @opensuse Tumbleweed en esta semana

#gnu #linux

Read about @opensuse & @tuxedocomputers and how the two cooperate with one another to bring the best user experience - bit.ly/30oouaq

@opensuse is having a logo competition for this year's openSUSE.Asia Summit. The competition will run until June 15 - bit.ly/2WJG0E7

The openfaas workshop at this year's @opensuse Conference had to be canceled. Sorry to those of you who were looking forward to attending it, but the good news is we have tons of other great talks & workshops at the conference!

Learn about the Open Source and customizable Design System at the @opensuse Conference - bit.ly/2H4nPSS

@opensuse YaST Sprint discusses yast2-network 4.2.2 that includes code from the ongoing refactoring effort and provides results for routes management area permitting multiple default routes w/out dropping extra options for them. Find out more - bit.ly/2PQ5cpG

Countdown banners are available for anyone who wants to help promote the release of @opensuse Leap 15.1 - bit.ly/2ZLX4ew

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