team blogs about new possibilities for a storage guided proposal for those who configure the installer for a certain use case or system role - One Guided Proposal to Rule them All @opensuse

If you're interested in apps & extensions for @nextclouders checkout this @opensuse Conference talk - Pretty cools stuff & provides quick overview of tons of apps. Even has search integration -

@opensuse Tumbleweed snapshots this month have brought Mesa 19.1.1, Linux Kernel 5.1.15 and more. All the snapshots are recording a stable rating 😀 - -

Happy to see that will have it's 2020 in Dublin - It looks like part of the theme will include a focus on solutions for devices! Let's Get it On - @opensuse

Get an overview of the great job the security team does for all @opensuse distributions. From software audits to handling of reported issues; open bugs to ; & more. Everything you want to know about how addresses security -

There have been some outstanding community contributions in the latest sprints. Check out the addition of Appstream Metadata to the YaST Packages & other improvements. Also The team gathered at & had a release party for @opensuse Leap 15.1 -

The @opensuse YaST team has been hard at work bringing support for the multi-device Btrfs file system. Find out how to manage multi-device Btrfs with the YaST Partitioner and more from this YaST blog -

Was really happy to have Frank from @nextclouders give a talk at this year's @opensuse Conference. His conversation with Swapnil was top notch -

has a developer program! To learn more about it, watch this @opensuse Conference talk from one of the members of the developer relationship team -

Next week is and if you are interested in participating, there are a few projects that might catch your attention at Just contact the person for the project if you want to help out. @opensuse

How many ways can you install ? A lot of ways.Here is yet another way to install @opensuse with a bit of -

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