100% Open Source Enterprise Management of R Package Repositories gains CRAN / BioC mirroring support. More information: oa.eu/l6LiSE

ShinyProxy 2.5.0

ShinyProxy is your favourite way to deploy Shiny apps in an enterprise context.

Why use it?
* you want to seamlessly deploy R/Shiny, Python/Dash or other data science apps
* you need enterprise features but want to stay with open source
* you want to get all benefits offered by Docker-based technology
* you want to scale your deployment to internet-scale using Kubernetes backends in the cloud

ShinyProxy is 100% .

Learn more: shinyproxy.io/downloads/#250

It seems like our graphic designer has been reading too much avant-garde poetry during the weekend.

Don’t let it distract you from this treat from our infrastructure team: the publication of our Kustomize best practices and the release of a tool that checks compliance with these best practices.

Here it is: openanalytics.eu/blog/2021/02/


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