Hi, I'm new on fosstodon but It's not my first time on a Mastodon Instance. I really apreciate the work that open source communities are doing and social media on the fediverse to take back the control of our privacy.
I'm a studiying software engineer, I'm learning to code and a I'm linux user (Fedora). I would like help more FOSS projects.

@onion Welcome, Onion! What programming language do you prefer so far?

@timandes It depends on the project but o love C and JavaScript so far, C for low level performace things and JavaScript for fast develop. I don't really like JavaScript interface frameworks i prefer simple css

@nilesh i know css ans html, but not ruby. Ruby is very interesting, I know php and currently learning pythom for backend

@onion welcome. Nice to see you wanting to contribute. A good way could be to either contribute code directly or help with packing software. Every distribution I know of needs more packers so that could be a good way to contribute.

@qrsbrwn sure and with money haha well donations. I really like all distribution repositories but really i hope that solutions like flatpak or appimage grow enough to make cross-distribution software

@onion you light want to reconsider. Flatpak, appimage etc are rather problematic.
Testing suffers greatly for one. Curation suffers too.
There's plenty to read on the subject and I suggest you do. The cross distribution package is not win if achieved.

@qrsbrwn yes but for small teams or a single dev, making your app or library available on all different distros is difficult

@onion that's why distributions should handle packing not the developers. It's not a reason to invent a packaging system that makes quality assurance harder.

@onion welcome, I think this could be the right place for u. :)

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