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This sends pretty much exactly the wrong message about the problem....

RT It’s anti-privacy, pro-‘real names’, anti-freedom of expression, pro-authoritarianism...

Slack is not good for communities. Slack has, time and time again, iterated that their focus on being a workplace tool and having no interest in building community moderation tools.

You can't block people, you can't mute people, and those aren't strategic goals for the product.

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In case you missed today's episode of I Thought We All Knew This For Decades...

Crypto AG, which sold encryption machines to nations over the globe to protect their secrets, was owned by the CIA and West Germany's BND, and effectively backdoored

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Proud to be able to say a know a few of these people: New Faces added in 2019 - Faces of Open Source

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1. Not in the least - but they’ll be crawling with surveillance and gatekeeping
2. It will make things much worse for anyone who isn’t of the majority ethnic demographic, is in poverty or who exercises their democratic right to peaceful protest.

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Wow.... the European Commission is talking to EU data protection authorities about Clearview AI after our story about the company's possible expansion into the EU

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And here's the hardest thing to stomach: these plans are openly, unabashedly, being promoted as the "British Model" for online regulation championing "British rule of law". A British internet for British people. This is post-EU internet governance by dogwhistle nationalism.

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Mandating any company with UK users to monitor and filter subjective legal content alongside illegal criminal activity, and tasked to the broadcast regulator to both define and adjudicate, will make the worst plans for Copyright Directive upload filters look like a practice run.

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Now, when you're considering this, remember that it's not about "social media" "tech giants". It hits you. It hits your SME. It hits your startup. It hits your blog. "Duty of care" is a useful emotive vehicle with easy targets, but that's not who it hits.

"Fowler discovered a database online that contained what he says was "a massive amount of RECORDS." That internet-facing database had no password protection in place, contained a total of 440,336,852 RECORDS, and was connected to...Estee Lauder."

A rational government would ask *why* a ‘notable number’ of respondents disagreed with the overall proposals, and look at who those respondents were.

Tracking industry body officially calls the “least cooperative” browser. Use Brave.

The legality of this facial recognition database, for the sake of administrative convenience, is the subject of a new investigation by - opened in summer of 2019.

We are opposed to the FRT database, and the poorly planned generally, at

So let’s be clear: The Department admits they are building a biometric database of arithmetic templates taken from the photos.

This is an ever growing government facial recognition database in Ireland!

So, the Dept is now officially recognising that biometric processing takes place as part of the database, something it has denied until it was blue in the face. Meanwhile, the Dept's minister yesterday lost her seat. Coincidence?

This is big. has changed its privacy statement overnight regarding the on foot of the investigation into the card, despite the fact the department is appealing the DPC's findings. Check out the below:

RT The outcome of investigation into the facial recognition tech database will be very important in a time when governments around the world are recognising that this discriminatory, invasive, and insecure tech is simply not worth putting our rights at risk.

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