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Agoraphobia nonsense, swearing. 


RT Quelque 1.200 forestiers et citoyens se sont réunis hier dans l'Allier pour dénoncer la privatisation de l'Office national des forêts (ONF) et l'"industrialisation croissante" des forêts publiques #AFP


Any bright ideas 💡 on how to encourage diverse (i.e. other than white males) submissions to the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #FOSDEM2019 would be most welcome.

Here is the Call for Participation

If your event is sponsored by Facebook or Google, it’s not about freedom or human rights. Events that are are not sponsored by corporations that make money by restricting the former and violating the latter.

# SurveillanceCapitalism #whitewashing

Recap: XMPP – admin-in-the-middle.

XMPP admins can transparently:

– see and arbitrarily modify all of your contacts, MUC memberships/affiliations and vCard data
– monitor your activity and devices
– log and read your password in cleartext
– log and read cleartext messages and other file types
– impersonate your contacts
– delete messages
– …

In our opinion, the only way to privately and securely use XMPP is hosting your own server.

#xmpp #privacy #security #infosec

Over 80 grassroots groups across the U.S. are working to inform, inspire, and mobilize their local communities to defend digital rights, from #NetNeutrality to privacy to limits on police surveillance. You’re not alone.

I was just told that there's an open-source federated music hosting platform called FunkWhale (similar to PeerTube at first glance).
I've started uploading my music there:
#funkwhale #unfamusic #opensource #music

Not honoring Do Not Track (DNT) is a #GDPR violation. If you receive a DNT signal, you must turn off all tracking. Furthermore, as the person has made their choice explicit and clear, you must not ask them again (via popovers, modals, etc.)

How do we get this enforced. The first part seems like it is already covered by GDPR. Would the second half we enforceable under the current framework?


@aral the EU DPA should make available an open endpoint that can be called to dump whatever breach automatically if a DNT request is not honored or has the issues you explained

Make a complaint to your country's equivalent of the Information Commissioner:

Multiple compaints in multiple EU states wouldn't be a bad thing.

“Choo-Choo-Choose your license!”

"Infographie claire et attractive pour aider les gens à choisir la bonne licence Creative Commons.
En plus, elle est publiée sous licence CC BY-SA"


This appears to be a followup, also cited in SSB:

Early question: how do you defined "ideology"? What do you mean by that word? In your article-in-progress, you also stated "political ideology".

I am *officially* a published author on open source stuff. Yay me!

I mean, it's one article on a site that publishes hundreds of articles per week, so this is somewhat self-indulgent - but it still makes me happy :)

@aral @rik @Deiru it will be difficult to stop this, so long as you're carrying a phone radiating radio waves. You could randomly change mac address, but that wouldn't stop them because they just join up the data points (they already have been doing that for a long time). So prevention is extremely difficult in that you'd need to shift the cultural and legal norms such that doing this becomes socially unacceptable, and most importantly unprofitable.

New Macbooks and Imacs will brick themselves if they think they're being repaired by an independent technician

Data aggregator startup Apollo which scrapes public sources, Twitter and LinkedIn left "billions of data points exposed" including email addresses, employers, geographic locations, job titles, names, phone numbers, salutations and social media profiles.

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