Fossil-fuel industry doubles donations to major parties in four years, report shows | Environment | The Guardian

#Australia, you seem to be failing at #democracy.


@sa0bse You did well there. you were wise not doing a demo for the lightning talk. I didn't know you could use EMACs as a window manager.🤔

@mplammers indeed the problem is that people have been taught not to value digital access and property. Hosting is a race to the bottom. Big Record companies are shifting to try and get on top again at the expense of the smaller content creators.

RT "Another early Facebook employee confirms this, also saying that Facebook brainstormed Zuckerberg's idea of allowing people to create and edit dark profiles of friends, Wikipedia-style, but it was not executed."
Just the fact that he explored this crazy idea says enough.

RT @EinsteinsAttic
Well, well, well. Though he destroyed most of his journals "for reasons", it appears a few pages of 's early plans for world domination survived.

Fascinating preview by of his book on, coming out later this month:

RT "He took three pages to lay out a vision for something he called “Dark Profiles.” These would be Facebook pages for people who, whether by omission or intention, had not signed up for Facebook. "
So reassuring. Growth was always the thing, wasn't it?

RT Stay informed about our investigation and find out how you can take action in your country:

BREAKING: How a Trump-linked misinformation network targets pregnant women with ‘emotional manipulation and outright deceit’. Lawmakers call for action after 9-month investigation

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RT My main conclusion so far:

- The reality is much more nuanced than what I had in mind.
- Different individuals had different agendas and different world views.
- It seems more like things coalesced after the fact rather than were initially planned.

Coalition seeks to sidestep high court ruling that Aboriginal non-citizens can't be deported using the aliens power - THEY'RE LOOKING FOR A NEW WAY TO DO IT

Happy to chat about the position, culture, or company with ya; DMs open! I'm especially excited to connect with candidates who are underrepresented in tech or have non-traditional CS backgrounds (like me!). Come work with meeee!

It's not listed in the post, but we're also using React to create the UIs for our new features. We've got an interesting mix of legacy code at the verge of some major rearchitecture, and new features as a testing ground for figuring out what we want those new patterns to be.

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