Avec framanews.org/, ce sont 500 lecteurs et lectrices (limite qu'on a nous même fixée pour restreindre la charge du serveur) qui accèdent régulièrement à leurs 11 000 flux RSS.

Framasoft ne vit que de vos dons : soutenir.framasoft.org

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I have a reservation for two 4-person dorm rooms in the A&O hostel near Leipzig main station from 26th–31st this month, which I don't need, for 428 EUR/room. Any takers? #35c3

My favourite of today was me explicitly stating i would like to request my data, all of it, under my rights afforded to me be the GDPR. In true Amazon.de fashion when faced with a choice of doing the smart thing or the dumb thing, they opted for ignoring it and hoping for the best. I have a sneaky feeling that part is likely to be especially entertaining. Followed up with, hey you know that password hash is my data too, right? I'd like that as well thanks

of course if your only concern in security is hackers copying and pasting passwords, i guess you have no fear of European data regulations.

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To me the main point is that modern URLs are so overloaded with tracking junk they look like line noise.

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Solar powered micro datacenter in the work: the autonomous Datashedter ( need a better name, or sleep a bit more before naming things ... )

- 400W solar panels on top and a bunch of batteries for up to 4 days operations in the dark.
- Fiber uplink to main building.
- Wifi backup Uplink.
- the 3 Ham antennas in the picture are used for emergencies at crazy distances in case of all down in a 150-1000miles radius ( 1k miles is very very low bandwidth ofc ).

- DYI isolation in the work
- Moar shelves inside and probably power box overhaul.
- Testing/testing/testing.
- Migrating some services there ?

it should be fun to self host stuff :)

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I was invited to consult a European research project called Eunomia. The project aims to implement a web of trust system for the spread of news in social networks, and I will be advising them on how their system can work with decentralized social networks, and Mastodon in particular. I'll also be doing community outreach, since at some point we'll need volunteers for trying it out.

The kick-off meeting is in January, in London. I bought the tickets today. Excited & equally terrified.

okay, #fediverse corruption nearing completion. ya know, just felt that ditching fb, google, amz, etc didn't cast me far enough into the realm of niche digital spaces.

@mysteryfish got me delving into #gopher

Tired of all the flashy images? Bloated js / sketch tracking cookies? Sick of firing up a GUI and - god forbid - chrome cranking 1G of mem just to read your bff's blog? We got you!!

Tunnel the net w/ us on gopher!
unix: lynx
android: Pocket Gopher (via f-droid), or DiggieDog (playstore)

We all love the #fediverse.

Make 2019 the year you contribute back - make plans to volunteer or donate monthly to the fediverse projects you use.

The more resources we have, the more fighting we can do for you, for our future, and the more progress we can make taking back the social web from harmful proprietary options like facebook and twitter.

Just tried to get a modem login out of Orange France. For some reason the idea of programming your own modem is alien to them. The sooner I get my technical French up to spec the better. I mean now why would I like to pre program a spare modem when I live in the middle of nowhere. Or even use my own equipment.

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