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Well, well, well. Though he destroyed most of his journals "for reasons", it appears a few pages of 's early plans for world domination survived.

Fascinating preview by @StevenLevy@twitter.com of his book on @Facebook@twitter.com, coming out later this month:

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Il y a quelques minutes, j'ai suivi la conférence "RFC: 1984" et j'ai des choses à partager avec vous [THREAD]

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If what you do can't (& enhance) people's fundamental - human, data protection or otherwise - then you're clearly not being enough! So let's stop these tired ( vs , vs '') & start doing things right.

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Today the European Court of Human Rights will rule on my appeal against the ban on anonymous prepaid mobile phone SIM cards in Germany. A positive ruling would allow anonymous communication. youtube.com/watch?v=_GcNNIUszv

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Avec son outil Activités en dehors de Facebook, le réseau social nous donne à voir l'étendue de la surveillance de ses utilisateurs en particulier quand ils n'utilisent pas FB directement... washingtonpost.com/technology/

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Brett Sheffield @brett_sheffield@twitter.com Founder of @librecast@twitter.com will be speaking on: ' and with ' at '20 . @fossasia@twitter.com @otsasia@twitter.com

Don't miss Brett's session, join us: summit.fossasia.org

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@jesslynnrose@twitter.com "We take your privacy seriously"

(Though with a comma after , it'd be closer to the truth.)

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The Department for Education has handed out millions of children’s identifying data, as well as access to it, thousands of times, since 2012. Such end user misuse was inevitable. The breach of and misuse of collection purposes sits squarely with @educationgovuk@twitter.com twitter.com/kenzabryan/status/

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: IAB and IESG Statement on Cryptographic Technology and the Internet (1996) tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1984

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Multicast is the missing piece in the decentralisation puzzle, can help the Internet continue to scale, better protect our privacy, solve IOT problems and make polar bears happier at the same time.

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Clear, concise & comprehensive elucidation by @SarahLudford@twitter.com of the impediments to , even before UK starts horsetrading citizens' & with the US.

So "What *will* they do if we get turned down for a agreement?"

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1/ Today the Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice delivered 3 opinions on major ongoing cases regarding laws in France, the UK and Belgium. Here is our take on what these decisions mean for and rights:

I feel this part of the is particularly relevant in the current climate.
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"We believe that such policies are against the interests of consumers and the business community, are largely irrelevant to issues of military security, and provide only a marginal or illusory benefit to law enforcement agencies "

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Jan 21 at 13:00 🎯“The impact of on today’s children—tomorrow’s human rights activists.” With @graciemaybe@twitter.com @danieljcarey@twitter.com @Kirst3nF@twitter.com @FusterGloria@twitter.com @TheABB@twitter.com incl. UK case studies as warnings, not models to copy. Come along. twitter.com/imgeoz/status/1217

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Fantastic to see so much interest in the , , and Miniconf at !

Congrats to @bendechrai@twitter.com and @ErinJZimmer@twitter.com on putting together a great programme 👏👏👏

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.@ErinJZimmer@twitter.com just suggested to me that we might have the most depressing miniconf at .

She might be right!


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"What we saw in California is what we're seeing nationally," said @snowjake@twitter.activitypub.actor, an attorney with @ACLU_NorCal@twitter.activitypub.actor, "Company and other industry interests are making huge efforts to stop laws that protect people’s ."

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