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@axelheitmueller@twitter.com @CPRD@twitter.com ...told this, not that their data was so "anonymous" that @CPRD@twitter.com didn't even respect their data rights! If your definition of "anonymous" is as narrow as 'they don't know your name', then I fear you have some catching up to do!

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OK, @BorisJohnson@twitter.com, if you're convinced the UK should diverge from - despite having brought it into UK law in the - please tell us the precise ways in which you want to , and why (in each case), and how that'll achieve .


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Before everyone gets too excited by this singular comment yesterday from Johnson: w/out more evidence, I find the idea his govt is about to turn screechingly 180 degrees in pursuing adequacy unlikely (much as he is given to Mr Toad-style driving). 🧵 twitter.com/1Br0wn/status/1224 twitter.com/cyberleagle/status

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Brexit: a data protection checklist for UK controllers

Because Brexit doesn't mean the end of the .


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Shall we flood this company with deletion requests and requests for information stored according to , fellow EU citizens? twitter.com/kevinakwok/status/

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To all those hoping @ICOnews@twitter.com will do anything about this:
...don't hold your breath!

It took ages for to decide @educationgovuk@twitter.com breached giving kids' data to @ukhomeoffice@twitter.com:
and it STILL hasn't taken enforcement action...

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..that stronger (e.g. -like) properly-enforced rights wouldn't? Exactly how much do you think @Google@twitter.com would pay you for your entire medical history, or your genome? Do you think you'd get to negotiate? And once they paid, wouldn't they also 'own' you(r data)?

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Disqus, through the owner @ZetaGlobal, also admitted that they had processed and shared personal data in violation of the . They did not know that Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein adopted the privacy law in 2018. 10/13

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So even though a website has enabled data sharing, EU citizens need to opt in. This is based on the country origin of the IP-address. consent form looks like this: 6/13

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Due to the , Disqus only shares data from users in Europe that have explicitly consented. This is not the case in the US - a test showed that 20 domains likely received personal data. When data sharing is turned on in Europe - far fewer parties also receive data. 5/13

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Hmm. I don't recall the @Conservatives' manifesto stating, "We'll remove/undermine & your fundamental "

R&D tax credits; an annual healthtech summit; cybercrime cops; 'Institutes of Tech'; fibre by 2025, but not breaking :
publictechnology.net/articles/ twitter.com/WebDevLaw/status/1

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: Facebook argues that it switched from consent [Art6(1)(a)] to a "contract on personalized ads" [Art6(1)(b)] to bypass rules on under 🙈

They say this "repackaging" of consent in a contract [VIDEO] was developed together with the @DPCIreland@twitter.com 🇮🇪☘️

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Thx to the person who just e-mailed me the @HumanRightsCtte@twitter.com report :) I see it does indeed pay far too little attention to much stronger enforcement of , getting distracted by the UN guiding principles and the dreaded 🤦🏻‍♂️ What a missed opportunity ☹️

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The Swedish DPA fined a municipality 200 000 SEK (approximately 20 000 euros) for using facial recognition technology to monitor the attendance of school children in August 2019. datainspektionen.se/nyheter/fa The 🇸🇪 decision is now online in English 🇬🇧 datainspektionen.se/globalasse

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Hey - @easyJet@twitter.com Why is it a MANDATORY field to say whether I’m travelling for business or leisure during your booking process?! Total fail of Data Minimisation Principle. . It’s none of your damn business unless it somehow affects my booking - which it doesn’t!!

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To have that undermined by Google is not just a breach of the rights of the people visiting our site from a Google search - it is also defamatory and potentially damaging to our brand. I am not ok with this and need to get to the bottom of it.

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Some very strange behaviour from @Google@twitter.com. They seem to be injecting cookies somehow into a website when you click on a link from Google search. To be clear this is an issue for sites that have zero Google assets or network requests embedded.

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"The will continue to set the trend for privacy regulation around the world"
@CollaboraOffice@twitter.com is enabling 150+ partners around the world to offer their customers the best and experience 📈

You could be our next partner!
collaboraoffice.com/become-par twitter.com/1DavidClarke/statu

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