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This is not only fucking outrageous, it sets an incredibly dangerous precedent. How can US possibly be trusted if it thinks it can have exclusive rights over (i.e. 'own') your health data?

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@FreePietje @onepict @EinsteinsAttic @glynwintle the whole healthcare as a business model is a dumpster fire. You want a productive civilised society you provide Universal basic income, education and healthcare. I also think public transport should be free.

I don't know enough about UBI, but I like/agree with the general idea. People naturally want to contribute to society/community and money related stress is far more severe then people think.
I don't think public transport should be free, but (way) cheaper then it is now. I think an incentive not to use it is good.

People in healthcare and education share many treats. With the teacher's strike in the US, many of their demands were for the benefit of their students, not themselves.

@FreePietje @onepict I think everyone should have a base level on where to start. It's why I love the idea of the baby box in Scotland. If you are rich you don't have to take it. But the value isn't just in the box, but the follow-up healthcare for mum and baby. In Scotland theres starting to be more of a difference in how we see the poor and disabled. Whereas the attitude in England to them has got worse.

@FreePietje @onepict I also have really come to the idea that I hate the very idea of patronage. E.g A smart poor, disadvantaged kid gets a bursary or adopted by a Daddy warbucks type. It doesn't improve the system overall.

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