RT @Snowden
Your smartphone broadcasts your exact location thousands of times per day to dozens of different companies. Each has the power to follow individuals wherever they go, in near-real time.

That’s not a glitch in the system. It is the system.

And that's what make me sick today to have to live in a world like that. So I take the pills. You can either go full off the grid but people don't want to be alone. Or being an axiom in a huge neural network of bs.

It's a tricky thing, sometimes I can't deal with people. But I also know it's better not to be alone, we are social animals which is how data tracking happens. The power is in tracking how humans interact. Get that data you have everything, weaknesses, strengths, and you can start to predict what they do. It is quite depressing. But we can't give up, so we keep going and we remember there are others like us.

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