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Techie working in for a decade. Bringing Open Source to the masses little by little.

Sometimes I don't follow dates, didn't realise it was the summer solstice.

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I've had a vague vague plan of doing some FOSS/FLOSS marketing doing a "Open Source på Gôttebåsska" ("Opensource in Gothenburgian-accent") focused on local politicians etc.

Problem 1, "wth is Open Source" is the big chunk to get over as I know from experience. Had a local politician suggest that I "just take this Linux thing and trademark it then" - so there is a bit of a learning curve to get over.

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Federated social media will out live giants like facebook, twitter. They might have a small user base but that means nothing, they are not run for a profit and a single node going down has little impact on the hole of the network.

And being a for purpose network, it is not left to the mercy of market valuation that has killed so many social networks in the past.

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Live: We Make The City: Next Generation Cities


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Reading @aral's blog. We should be trying to move away from centralized systems in a time frame faster than 25 years. What I think we're experiencing now is the end of the second wave of the web (web 2.0) in which silos were considered to be the universal solution to digital service access. The problems of centralization and extractive economics are now becoming much clearer, including to people who are not normally obsessed with these kinds of topics before.

I'm pretty confident that whatever web 3.0 is, it's going to be a lot more decentralized, most likely with a mixture of client/server and mesh. It won't be merely a return to Web 1.0 because we've learned a lot in the intervening time.

Good Memories from Polyglot Gathering last month.

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@HerraBRE I gave this "businesses are code which runs on people" talk at an end-of-project dinner when I was working in Manchester. I don't think anyone understood what I was on about.
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@HerraBRE Really all human organizations are made out of language. They are language machines, albeit not ones made from discreet logic.
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"By 1969, there were hundreds of breakfast programs throughout the country. A top government official was
forced to admit, 'The Panthers are feeding more kids than we are.'"
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Next weekend, there is a transformative cities event in #amsterdam organised by @TNInstitute

"How do citizens solve global problems with local solutions?

"Around the world people are finding local solutions to global problems. New citizens coalitions are winning municipal power from Barcelona and Madrid to Jackson, Mississippi; embracing the term ‘fearless’ to show their willingness to take on entrenched power."

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Coucou mastodon, aderais-tu La Quadrature à réfléchir à la façon dont elle communique en répondant à un petit questionnaire anonyme ?

C'est ici :

Merci <3

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You didn't get to where you are by accident. The result of every decision and action you've committed to is present in your life today.

This is either a good thing (you're happy with where you are) or a bad thing (you aren't). In either case really bring that fact home; you're responsible for your situation. You are the sole proprietor of your current circumstances. Take hold of that authority and use it to either stay true or completely change direction whenever you see fit.

You've got this.

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Congratulations to our member project @SeleniumHQ! The @w3c is adding their WebDriver to its list of recommendations as of today, great news for web testing and #freesoftware!

@polyglot gathering 2018. Loving it so far.

Fricking autocorrect i meant privacy

This is why decentralized applications with a privavvy focus is required.

Social networks have already violated the spirit of GDPR

Closing off researchers’ access to APIs in the name of ‘safety’ means we’ll never know how we’re being screwed

Brett Sheffield on Twitter

“lol - "developed on the basis of free-to-use code found on the Internet". Reuters never heard of ?