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Techie working in for a decade. Bringing Open Source to the masses little by little.

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After signing a deal with the NHS, Amazon now wants to become a pharmacy.

We would love to tell you more, but the Department of Health decided Amazon’s commercial interest matters more than the public interest.

Join me in Cholula, Mexico on 29th January! ttps://

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i RT'd earlier but just wanna add that the original tweet is here and the story is **very good reporting** on both an invasion of privacy and grand-scale grift

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Buy surveillance equipment, become even more convinced that you're surrounded by violent crime, buy more surveillance equipment

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A fun thing that the Ring app does after you've set up your privacy invading doorbell is send push notifications whenever someone living nearby thinks they've seen some sort of crime, so I just got a notification that a bomb went off in Oakland (a bomb did not go off in Oakland)

This is no way to treat someone who spent nearly a decade serving in the British army. After years of suffering, the least the Windrush generation deserve is government funded support to help them apply for compensation.

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This is also your regular reminder that AG Barr lies about what CALEA says, every time he brings up CALEA, despite being a telecom lawyer after his first AG stint. He knows perfectly well what the law says. He just lies to the American public about it every chance he gets.

This bs from Sonos really is the shittiest greenwashing PR disaster going around… 😡

Thread by Sonos states on their website that "sustainability is non-negotiable," and that they design products to minimize impact, but I work at an e-…

Concentration de CO2 dans l'atmosphère.

Déc. 1959 : 315,6 ppm
Déc. 1969 : 324,1 ppm (+8,5 en 10 ans)
Déc. 1979 : 336,8 ppm (+12,7)
Déc. 1989 : 352,9 ppm (+16,1)
Déc. 1999 : 368,1 ppm (+15,2)
Déc. 2009 : 387,4 ppm (+19,3)
Déc. 2019 : 411,8 ppm (+24,4)

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Scottish Chilling: Impact of Surveillance on Read the report and join the discussion in Glasgow next month with director and fellow authors and Details here:

UBports is excited to announce the creation of dedicated PinePhone repository: project management, documentation and issue tracking. You can find all you need including the important links to contact us:

Alexander Hamilton speaks with force and clarity, across the centuries, for our times.

The first thing I thought was 😱, then 😏, now I think 🤪. You have a dodgy product being sold to cops in the US. Just say no to profiling using dodgy facial surveillance. Especially when the founders seem to be very careful about their own privacy. Great article. I'm now at 😱
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Clearview AI claims it was integral in solving an Aug. 19 case of suspected terrorism in a NY subway. The NYPD says that it is n…

great recap of last evening's Amazon Ring in panel discussion. & pointing out that safety doesn't necessarily increase with surveillance...and may in fact be seriously undermined.

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Stuff like this is only fun until you realise that companies like and many others will happily collect and use this to feed their AI/ML with your personal identifiable information.

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FORMOBILE, or From mobile phones to court – A complete FORensic investigation chain targeting MOBILE devices, will spend €6.9m on "tools" for "the acquisition of previously unavailable mobile data, unlocking mobile devices, as well as the decoding and analysis of mobile data"

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The powers of MAGNETO (aka Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organised Crime Prevention and Investigation) will develop a data analytics platform to conduct tasks like relationship mapping in large datasets and predicting threats

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