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Techie working in for a decade. Bringing Open Source to the masses little by little.

OSCON is one of my favorite events. I would love to see you there. Please propose talks!

We are really excited to be offering a part time paid position for a Staff Designer! We're excited to be in a place to start offering work, and we're excited because of all the good this can do for Open Privacy and our projects :D

Please share and apply!

We ( are hiring! Please help by sharing this tweet and link!

The pay isn't amazing (though it is on the top end of our internal pay scale), we've tried to balance it with flexible hours and an amazing opportunity to do work that matters.

RT Imagine being able to register a domain name as easily as you provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate. In fact, imagine that your domain name comes with one.

There are zero technical reasons why this cannot be done.

And the only way it would happen is if the EU mandates it.

OpenNic is yet another initiative I have to learn about. With large parts of the internet lost to pure commercial greed, it’s amazing and hopeful that there are always people that try to do the right thing.

I'm really glad that are recording the talks because some great talks are overlapping.

Oh wow, awards $2M to open source contributors so they can keep working on FLOSS!! Thank you at

Currently leaning how multicast is going to make polar bears more comfy at

Sadly, the 15:45 talk in Room 3179, "Free Press, Free Society" by Emmanuel Morales is canceled. 😥

Tomorrow's keynotes are Benjamin Hill, and then the paper schedule is out of date. Sorry for any confusion!

Good luck friends! We've got some GNOME stickers at the swap downstairs if folks at want to show solidarity with GNOME's fight.

Multicast syslog for remote debugging sounds... Like a boon for security researchers but maybe not only in the intended ways. Love the gentle shade being thrown at webrtc's one-to-one key exchange too.

One last call will be speaking about , and scaling in 10 minutes in room 3180

RT Do you own a & have privacy concerns about owning your ?

Privacy Officer
Fitbit, Inc.
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

RT "Patients would be wise to ask their doctors directly about what kinds of data mining and digital profiling their hospital is using to make treatment decisions."


"...’s researchers didn’t obtain any legal agreements covering the privacy of patient information, the person said, adding that the company rushed toward publicly announcing the project without properly vetting the data for privacy concerns."

Opening keynote at SeaGL encouraged folks to start and support cooperatives. Pretty topical. This year's schedule has quite a number of coop, privacy, and decentralization related talks.

RT @SLAPPtaskforce: Please RT and spread the word! We at @SLAPPtaskforce hope that @iamjohnoliver’s brilliant, in-depth @LastWeekTonight pi…

Folks: “oh a ten minute talk at the EU Parliament? You give talks all the time, you’ll just pull it out of your ass.”

Me: …

britpol, "broadband communism" 

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