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When big tech companies talk about security, their threat model is reduction of profit.

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I'm a firm believer of Hanlon's Razor, but over a week, Facebook has flagged a post and a comment of mine, both about Mastodon (and including a link to


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Friend: What’s your new address? I can come pick you up
Me: Thx, but I don’t want my address to end up on #facebook
Friend: What? I’m not giving it to FB. WTH?!
Me: Hum, you’ll probably add it to my contact on your phone. You gave Messenger and Whatsapp access to your contacts. So yeah if I give you my address there’s a good chance it’ll end up in a FB’s database.

Why is it so hard to protect one’s data these days? Is there a way for me to have ppl over without leaking my address?


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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

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Libre Software Phone (The Article)


:verified: This is the long article based upon this Mastodon post above. More links, shops, and information included.

❤️ Thank you very much for everyone who participated in this amazing chance!

📩 Sharing is good.

:gnu: :linux: 📱 :purism: :pine64: :ubuntu: :kde: :gnome: :postmarketos: :android: :matrix: :xmpp:

#FreeSoftware #Phone #Librem5 #PinePhone #UbuntuTouch #eOS #LineageOS #PlasmaMobile #PostmarketOS

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Ever wondered why there's hardly any competition to Google Play Store even though Android devices allow it? Well, that's what "Project Hug" from Google is about: #google #projecthug #competition #appstore

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Screeching voices of the minority? Really? Wow , I know that was an internal memo, but you have to have known it was going to get released publicly. Not good PR. Very not good PR. Apple likes to pound on its chest and tell us all how privacy conscious they are, but are they really when the next thing they do scan all of the photos on your phone and verbally attack anybody who is concerned about the privacy aspects of such a program?

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Another web is possible, privacy-enhancing and rights-preserving. This is more important than ever now that Apple made a clear move against our privacy and digital rights! Thanks for posting


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The Framework Laptop is now shipping - remember that one? It's supposed to be highly repairable. It also runs Linux but the instructions on how to get everything working will be released soon: #linux #hardware #laptop #repair #framework

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I spent last night updating tracker information from Exodus and library mappings from Appbrain. Expect the numbers attached to apps in my lists going up the next days…

#Android #apps #tracking

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And a new feature announced, that's kinda mandatory for the #SteamDeck: dynamically removable library folders!
There have now already been some quite exiting "hidden" announcements, and the release of the device is still 5 months out. What's still coming?

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Help to spread the word about LibreOffice in schools and universities! And also encourage younger people to join our community and projects. We have flyers and other resources:

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LibreOffice is getting a new website! Meat the design team, who volunteered their time and skills to make the new site simpler, cleaner and easier to use:

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Proving all the skeptics wrong, we've been profitable since 2014 and today, our revenue exceeds $100 million/yr, without ever tracking our users.

We're using these resources to build new ways to give users even more privacy for free, hold on to your feathers:

Original tweet :

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Hey everyone! Libera has been running a little more than a month now. With the dust settled, we've written another blogpost looking at not just the what but the how (and how many) of what we've been doing.

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List of GNU/Linux Distros at Mastodon | 2021 Edition

Please help share.

Calculate @news Canaima @canaimagnulinux
Elementary @elementary
Endeavour @EndeavourOS
Kubuntu @Kubuntu
Lubuntu @lubuntu
Mageia @mlo
Manjaro @manjarolinux
Mint @linuxmint
MX @mxlinux
Nitrux @Nitrux_NX openSUSE @opensuse
PureOS @purism Regolith @regolith Tails @tails
Ubuntu @ubuntu
Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
Void @VoidLinux
Xubuntu @xubuntu

#FreeSoftware #GNU #Linux #OpenSource

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