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1/ Part of the upcoming v21.12 release of @postmarketOS will be a modern mobile-config-firefox. I've just tagged 3.0.0_rc1 and made it available in postmarketOS edge for wider testing.

This is the biggest release so far, highlights:
* FF >= 91 compatibility
* navigation bar moved to bottom (thanks to plata-gl)
* reader view made adaptive (thanks to @blendergeek)
* much less UI glitches, no more tiny font hacks
* u-block origin installed by default

So far #phosh's system prompts had no way to express the input purpose as #GCR used underneath didn't yet support it, hence e.g. a SIM card pin prompt would bring up a full keyboard instead of just a keypad.

After patching #gcr, #phosh, #squeekboard and gnome-settings-deamon this is how it looks like atm:

#librem5 #linux #gnomeonmobile

pmbootstrap is no nice

honestly the fact that my only issue with it is "i have to use qemu to compile rust" says a lot, cross compilation is amazing most of the time.

RT @alpinelinux
3.15.0 is out!

- linux 5.15
- llvm 12
- nodejs 16.13
- postgresql 14
- openldap 2.6
- ruby 3.0
- rust 1.56
- openjdk 17
- kea 2.0
- xorg 21.1
- GNOME 41
- disk encryption
- kernel modules via AKMS
- Initial Secure Boot (x86_64)

I got a lengthy direct message on reddit. As I opened it and read the first two lines, something designed like a cookie banner showed up and I clicked it away. Turns out it was an ignore button for the message, and now I can't get it back. 🤦‍♂️

No, I did not have e-mail notifications for these chat messages enabled... so now I'll turn direct messages in reddit off, to contact me write an e-mail. Whoever wrote that message - if it was important and you read this, just re-send it as mail. Sorry.

Chris Talbot aka @kop316 plays a huge part in getting MMS support into modern mobile Linux distributions. ✉️ 🚀 📱

In the interview, he talks about:

* -tng
* antispam
* his ska punk band
* @mobian
* @purism
* @PINE64 .

@linmob knows how to endorse the scene: "Do you want to pay for haircuts your whole life? Think of the money you can save if you pull your hair out early... with Mobile Linux™!" 😄

Great two hour podcast episode of the last ~20 years (!) of mobile Linux including recent developments. Enjoyed it a lot!

service pack 4 for v21.06 is out! Stable and tested updates coming your way including the latest 0.14.0 and 1.0.0

Get it now!

From the creator of Sxmo comes Mepo! A fast, simple, and hackable OSM map viewer for Linux. Designed with the Pinephone & mobile linux in mind; works both offline and online.

Release 0.1 has just been tagged and should be available in pmOS and alpine edge soon!

New post: My Linux Phone Setup (November 2021)

This one took forever to write. I hope you like it!

Thanks to @agx and @tbernard for helping me get seek buttons into ! 🎉

Here's how it looks like from the lockscreen, see Guido's post for how it looks like in unlocked state:

Coming soon to a disto near you. And yes, all distros with Phosh, that's the great thing about upstreaming a feature! 😄

Improvements for those of us who run #phosh daily on their #librem5:
- the media player allows to skip in songs/podcasts (by @ollieparanoid)
- headphones show a different icon
- music player gets muted on headphone unplug

#purism #gnomeonmobile #linux

Hi everyone!

The #PEBKAC Show #website is back up and running! YAY! So many little issues that had to be solved.

Thanks to everyone who's been so patient while I fixed it all up. It should run faster now, and with less resources. You may also need to update your Feeds with the new links on the main page. All of the notifications of errors and issues were really helpful.

If in the future, you ever have an issue with the site, please get in touch. If you need access to the podcast and the site is down, you can always grab it from #Spotify; #Anchor; #Breaker and #Stitcher (links on the website sidebar, or in my #Pleroma /Fedi profile, or DM me for the links).

I really appreciate the support everyone has been showing me since I started this little venture. Thanks again!

#podcast #downtime #pebkacshow

PS. Thanks to @mobian for posting an alternative link to the show
PPS. Thanks to @ollieparanoid for the #feedback
PPPS. Welcome to all the newly recent #followers and #listeners!
PPPPS. Holy crap! We surpassed over 250 unique downloads! YAY!

I found the interview with @mobian founder @awai in the first episode of @nick's podcast quite interesting and suggest people who are into podcasts about give it a listen. Looking forward to more episodes! (seems to be broken? more links:

That's the corel linux which they mentioned btw, I was curious. I like how it speaks in the past sense of the operating system in the wikipedia page in the screenshot. 😛

Thanks to all our listeners who stuck with us for ten episodes already! 🥳

Besides the fancy on setup shown in the picture, this time on :

* (you guessed it, on wayland!)
* /
* msm-firmware-loader
* new postmarketos-mkinitfs / boot-deploy

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