1/ Part of the upcoming v21.12 release of @postmarketOS will be a modern mobile-config-firefox. I've just tagged 3.0.0_rc1 and made it available in postmarketOS edge for wider testing.

This is the biggest release so far, highlights:
* FF >= 91 compatibility
* navigation bar moved to bottom (thanks to plata-gl)
* reader view made adaptive (thanks to @blendergeek)
* much less UI glitches, no more tiny font hacks
* u-block origin installed by default

2/ Navbar is now easy to reach while typing. There was a poll about this: fosstodon.org/@ollieparanoid/1

It was challenging to get other UI elements to play along, e.g. searchbar results would be cut off below the searchbar. After lots of trail and error, I went with moving it up to cover the displayed website. It's even possible to scroll the list with your finger. At least for me it feels very convenient now, to use this to search through history and bookmarks.

@postmarketOS @blendergeek

3/ Searching through bookmarks is of course more fun if you can actually give them a proper title. That works now!

@postmarketOS @blendergeek

4/ With searchbar results solved, navbar at bottom suddenly seemed feasible. At that point, I just had to give @linmob 's clever idea a try. He made the tab title bigger so it always shows the tab menu button and makes the tab selection menu usable on mobile.

Free space above the menu button is for consistency with private mode, so both can use the same tab size. Also it's convenient to tap there to close the menu.

@postmarketOS @blendergeek

5/ The menu... now finally flicker free after an incredible amount of trail and error.

@linmob @postmarketOS @blendergeek

6/ "Find in page..." in the menu opens this toolbar. That's right, you have all controls from Firefox desktop available. With this and the keyboard open, almost the whole page is covered. However when typing the query and then minimizing the keyboard, one can go through the results nicely.

@linmob @postmarketOS @blendergeek

7/ Download in progress!

Link to repo w/ updated README:

Have fun with the new config, report issues or even better, send patches if you find bugs. Like previous versions, I've only tested this on the PinePhone (took long enough, but in the future I might test it on other devices too) and some of the hardcoded px values may not work well with other phones. But we can add media queries for those, just give editing the CSS a try.

@linmob @postmarketOS @blendergeek

@ollieparanoid @linmob @postmarketOS @blendergeek Any plan to upstream those patches instead of distributing a userchrome.css file?


@dannycolin yes, now that some of the customizations have gotten higher in quality, parts could be upstreamed. Created gitlab.com/postmarketOS/mobile as starting point.

@linmob @postmarketOS @blendergeek

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