RIP Chick Corea. I was lucky to see him play twice and I won’t forget that.

DX Blog Post: "DevExpress Online Training Courses - A Refresh is On Its Way"

Turns out @protonmail block was temporary - just long enough to reproduce it a few times and begin to wonder. All good now.

Suddenly having trouble accessing @protonmail via Vodafone UK. Looks like is blocked - no trouble before.

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Apparently all you Kali Linux :kali_linux_r: users are dirty, dirty hackers.

"UK police deny responsibility for poster urging parents to report kids for using Kali Linux"

@morteify Thanks for the feedback. I don't have an opinion on Expo yet, just trying to find out what others say. One thing I hear is that things have been evolving rapidly, for better or worse... hopefully some better.

@morteify One of the big things about Expo seems to be the remote build feature - no local (Apple?) dev tools required. So I guess you don't care about that?

React Native devs - do you use @Expo or rather not? Or something else?

@unixnut BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkPKpikC ZpGB5o1zxPV8lwY mznzcZKsHWE30qG Bdba2GfhQ2Ddq1c kx3zGEdtEtYLfmg x6X4z6x3Ls3DVa8 yIkfuX6o8H1gvIL 5dgu8uUqNO6hA1F ym7dA6hN8X8w9t2 bMqI1Gxae1SUa8G j0SjPZAnVNIYq8O GwP7nbM1ps2jPtP gRZZx4ielraLslG P7RSdFGohxOsRFN ao6aeGRNWlujRba UImKdDC8YXtRaou 8oI5QxlbcomE5yY GTXinFtrg8vXq0w Tb1COhj6LQg. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

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🚀 We're happy to be the first #VPN provider to #opensource apps on all platforms and undergo an independent security audit. Transparency, ethics, and #security are at the core of the Internet we want to build.

Turns out that a SanDisk SD card which died on me has a 30 year warranty. Wow. Weird that it only survived 2 months or so, but the replacement is on its way now - kudos.

Going to the beach on workdays? Kinky underwear preference? Secret ailments? All included apparently... lots of interesting detail about surveillance technology here:

Trying to test direct chat on (Matrix, more generally), but right now I don't know a single person to talk to there! Anybody available for a quick chat?


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