Many thanks to everybody at @enterJS, it was good to see you in person this year!

@Sire Indeed. Tweet got the wording wrong a bit, but here's the screenshot - when accessing the Chrome download page in Edge, the spy popup appears.

"Edge is based on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft."

I started a dev VM on Azure using the standard Microsoft VS 2022 image and running Windows 11. Trying to get latest updates, one of them hangs at 0% and two others have errors.

In case you've been wondering, this is how you should absolutely NOT write a web app. Why do I use it? The government makes me. Shocking, on so many levels.

How do I tell my Apple systems that the "auto-join" settings for known/synced wifi networks should NOT be the same across devices?

"Your username or password is incorrect" - no it's not you muppets, I use a password safe app. You changed your login system and forgot all about me. Don't pretend it's my fault now.

RPi4/Manjaro ARM/NordVPN = all sorts of craziness! DNS config overwritten, whitelist broken so locked out of ssh on each connection attempt. Would prefer to stick to Arch-based, but maybe not worth the hassle. Then again, perhaps it's not Manjaro...

@kytta I did - spent quite a bit of time trying different codecs in fact. The problem was that the bit rate used in Zoom recordings is way (!) lower than any of the standard settings. And unfortunately FCP does not understand the goal of “edit this video” to mean “do everything you can, automatically, so that the cuts I make are the only changes”. I guess they think it’s too “pro” for that sort of convenience… anyway, figured it out. Thanks for your idea!

Turns out that Zoom mp4 recordings use a very low bit rate (720 in my case), which you can't reproduce using any standard setting in FCP. Set a low bit rate in Compressor manually and the file sizes are okay!

I just used Final Cut on my Mac to make some simple cuts here and there to a ~500MB mp4 file recorded from Zoom. Now - how do I export this so it's not suddenly 34GB in size or ends in .mov???

Coming up next Thursday in German language: the half-day intro to Svelte. Hope to see you there!

@david @bitwarden @kev Well… my pov is not that I’m enormously afraid of the consequences. But I don’t believe it’s beyond the technical capabilities of trackers out there to associate me as a person with a single (or two) domain I use for my email aliases - over time, accumulating information slowly and surely as they do. The fact that all my aliases are in the same domain would then work against me and undermine the goal of using aliases in the first place. That’s all.

@kev @bitwarden Sure - I was going for a placeholder that would indicate my intention, not for realism. But the point remains that trackers can connect the dots easily enough after the domain's been used a while.

@kev @bitwarden True. But on top of that it's easy for a tracker to assume that aliases like are all ... well, me. Or at least the same person, until the link to "me" is established somehow.

@kev @bitwarden I have not tried the Bitwarden feature yet! Glad to hear there's something in there that may help.

Domain privacy - I have no trust in that. Hence the comment about removing benefits. I'm not saying aliases are worthless with custom domains.

@kev @bitwarden Well I’m bringing it up here because I thought there was a chance that Bitwarden had an opinion about it - such as “we track all the aliases in your account, so you have a central place to go and see/change/port them…” - whatever. Use your own domains, I guess that’s the way - but of course it removes much of the benefit of an anonymous email alias.

@kev @bitwarden I’m not following. I’m using AnonAddy at the moment - there are several domains they use for the purpose. I expect if I used AnonAddy through Bitwarden, that would still be the same. So if I ever want to start using SimpleLogin instead, I’m in lots of trouble if I’ve used many AnonAddy aliases… right?

@kev @bitwarden So... if I have loads of aliases with a certain service and then want to migrate away from there. What then?

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