Programmers: how do you say "iif" (inline or immediate if) out loud? Eye-if maybe?

@olivers Related question: How do philosophers and logicials say "iff" (if and only if) out loud?

Suggesting an answer myself: I heard many people just say it out loud, as it sounds to similar to "if". I think being explicit in a verbal presentation is not a bad thing.

@floppy All true. However, in a presentation it may be more about the keyword "iif" than about the meaning, and you may need to repeat it many times as you speak. And people don't even agree what "iif" means (i.e. inline vs immediate if). I'd consider using Eye-If or Eye-Eye-Eff... so far, no other opinions heard :)

@olivers In that case I think there might be two interests. If you do mean something specific like "inline if" I would spell that out to avoid the ambiguity due to disagreement on the meaning of the acronym.

If you want to capture or talk about the ambiguity of the acronym or stick to the acronym, I would go for spelling it out ("eye eye eff"). :)

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