DX Blog Post: "Nächste Woche: Deutscher Live-Stream zu TestCafé mit Gregor Biswanger" ift.tt/3xLOsVN

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Rush Snippets - Speed up Your Coding (and optimize your coding efficiency) in VS Code

Wow, ... I accidentally hit "restart" in the start menu, then canceled when it was offered due to unsaved files.

GitHub Copilot - what a great way for a Year 3000 bug to spread! More like a 2030 bug probably, but you get the point.

@tootleapp Cool app, on iPhone and iPad. However, the contrast in "dark" themes is so bad that I can't read a thing - and it's worse the smaller the font of an element is. Please consider adding a higher contrast dark theme, perhaps along the lines of Monokai.

No Windows 11 for this machine, as per "PC Health Check". TPM is not compliant, though that can be fixed - reason is the CPU. What BS. Come on MS.

Turns out if you take part in the Microsoft Windows Insiders program, you will be "flighting" preview builds. Can't help but think an extra "L" crept in there. blogs.windows.com/windows-insi

RIP Chick Corea. I was lucky to see him play twice and I won’t forget that.

DX Blog Post: "DevExpress Online Training Courses - A Refresh is On Its Way" ift.tt/39kiVwZ

Turns out @protonmail block was temporary - just long enough to reproduce it a few times and begin to wonder. All good now.

Suddenly having trouble accessing @protonmail via Vodafone UK. Looks like is blocked - no trouble before.

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Apparently all you Kali Linux :kali_linux_r: users are dirty, dirty hackers.

"UK police deny responsibility for poster urging parents to report kids for using Kali Linux"


React Native devs - do you use @Expo or rather not? Or something else?

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🚀 We're happy to be the first #VPN provider to #opensource apps on all platforms and undergo an independent security audit. Transparency, ethics, and #security are at the core of the Internet we want to build. protonvpn.com/blog/open-source

Turns out that a SanDisk SD card which died on me has a 30 year warranty. Wow. Weird that it only survived 2 months or so, but the replacement is on its way now - kudos.

Going to the beach on workdays? Kinky underwear preference? Secret ailments? All included apparently... lots of interesting detail about surveillance technology here: eff.org/wp/behind-the-one-way-

Trying to test direct chat on Riot.im (Matrix, more generally), but right now I don't know a single person to talk to there! Anybody available for a quick chat?


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