Many thanks to everybody at @enterJS, it was good to see you in person this year!

"Edge is based on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft."

I started a dev VM on Azure using the standard Microsoft VS 2022 image and running Windows 11. Trying to get latest updates, one of them hangs at 0% and two others have errors.

In case you've been wondering, this is how you should absolutely NOT write a web app. Why do I use it? The government makes me. Shocking, on so many levels.

How do I tell my Apple systems that the "auto-join" settings for known/synced wifi networks should NOT be the same across devices?

"Your username or password is incorrect" - no it's not you muppets, I use a password safe app. You changed your login system and forgot all about me. Don't pretend it's my fault now.

RPi4/Manjaro ARM/NordVPN = all sorts of craziness! DNS config overwritten, whitelist broken so locked out of ssh on each connection attempt. Would prefer to stick to Arch-based, but maybe not worth the hassle. Then again, perhaps it's not Manjaro...

Turns out that Zoom mp4 recordings use a very low bit rate (720 in my case), which you can't reproduce using any standard setting in FCP. Set a low bit rate in Compressor manually and the file sizes are okay!

I just used Final Cut on my Mac to make some simple cuts here and there to a ~500MB mp4 file recorded from Zoom. Now - how do I export this so it's not suddenly 34GB in size or ends in .mov???

Coming up next Thursday in German language: the half-day intro to Svelte. Hope to see you there!

Boston Celtics - what a game 1. Completely shut down Curry, who would've thought! I was hoping to see the Celtics play the Mavs, but this promises to be fun as well!

Juni 22 , mein Workshop "Ein vollständiges JavaScript-Anwendungssystem" - mit CQRS, Event Sourcing, Backend, Frontend, und allem dazwischen - live und selbst gebaut an einem Tag. Ich bin gerade sehr beeindruckt von meinen eigenen Demos! :)

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"Svelte", engl. für "schlank"! Der Name des JavaScript-Frameworks ist vielversprechend! @olivers erleichtert dir am 8. März den Einstieg in Svelte und zeigt dir, was daran so besonders ist.

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Infos zum Online-Workshop 📝

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Nicht nur TypeScript und Svelte passen gut zusammen, React ist auch eine gute Option. @olivers zeigt dir beim Svelte Day 2022 den Weg von React nach Svelte.

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Preparing for my Basta Spring 2022 workshop, Programmers and Architects - Strategies 2022 - let's hear any topic ideas you'd like to see covered this time.

Intuit QuickBooks is the most ridiculous crap software I've ever had to use - who knows good alternatives for UK Ltd company business?

For Git on iOS @WorkingCopyApp is the bee's knees, to put it in a family-friendly way. Wow, what an app. No disclaimer needed, just an impressed user.

Next week @BASTAcon - join my talk about Functional Programming in C# to find out what this snippet does.

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