Turns out if you take part in the Microsoft Windows Insiders program, you will be "flighting" preview builds. Can't help but think an extra "L" crept in there. blogs.windows.com/windows-insi

RIP Chick Corea. I was lucky to see him play twice and I won’t forget that.

DX Blog Post: "DevExpress Online Training Courses - A Refresh is On Its Way" ift.tt/39kiVwZ

Turns out @protonmail block was temporary - just long enough to reproduce it a few times and begin to wonder. All good now.

Suddenly having trouble accessing @protonmail via Vodafone UK. Looks like is blocked - no trouble before.

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Apparently all you Kali Linux :kali_linux_r: users are dirty, dirty hackers.

"UK police deny responsibility for poster urging parents to report kids for using Kali Linux"


React Native devs - do you use @Expo or rather not? Or something else?

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🚀 We're happy to be the first #VPN provider to #opensource apps on all platforms and undergo an independent security audit. Transparency, ethics, and #security are at the core of the Internet we want to build. protonvpn.com/blog/open-source

Turns out that a SanDisk SD card which died on me has a 30 year warranty. Wow. Weird that it only survived 2 months or so, but the replacement is on its way now - kudos.

Going to the beach on workdays? Kinky underwear preference? Secret ailments? All included apparently... lots of interesting detail about surveillance technology here: eff.org/wp/behind-the-one-way-

Trying to test direct chat on Riot.im (Matrix, more generally), but right now I don't know a single person to talk to there! Anybody available for a quick chat?


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