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How to choose best LCD for your industrial grade OSHW OLinuXino Linux computer? We wrote LCD-OLinuXino selection guide to explain what are your options, touch interfaces, drivers

New Open Source Hardware PCB released. If your Arduino project runs out of memory OLIMEXINO-2560 comes with 256K Flash, 5-15VDC DCDC power supply, on board micro SD card connector and 79 GPIOs to help

Buy it Now: Pioneer Edition FreedomBox by @olimex

For €82 ($92), you get:
-Computer: LIME2 single-board computer in a CUSTOM metal case
-Storage: 32 GB SD card with FreedomBox pre-installed
-Battery: backup battery which provides 4-5 hours of power
-Cables: ethernet and power cords


TuxCon 2010 soldering workshop was lot of fun, we had massive invasion of kids (4-12 years old) wanting to learn how to solder and they were soldering better than adults! The soldering kits are now available on the web for these who missed TuxCon.

Do-It-Yourself Open Source Digital Scratch Musical Instrument which you can build and impress your friends with your DJ skills :)…

Réinstallation de PiHole sur une nouvelle microSD, tests et mise à jour d'Armbian, avant de remettre la LIME @olimex dans mon réseau local.

Reinstallation of PiHole on a new micro SD card, testing and updating Armbian before replacing the @olimex LIME in my local network.

You've all heard that it is now possible to buy a #FreedomBox from @olimex. But what if you want to test FreedomBox on a VM before buying?

Good news: a journalist has written excellent instructions for this.

READ: "How to run FreedomBox as a VirtualBox VM"

Learn to code! Boost your C++ skills! And have fun :-) Our next programming workshop is coming up tomorrow, on 25 April – watch a video to learn about C++ features, then join experienced developers for a chat:

Put the internet back under your control with the FreedomBox чрез @ZDNet & @sjvn

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