A20 HDMI audio driver is missing in mainline, so we try to writing one. Today we got success - A20 HDMI audio is working, but still not complete! Wait for new images for A20-OLinuXino OSHW computer with hardware acceleration and HDMI audio in January olimex.wordpress.com/2019/12/2

@FriendofBernie @freedomboxfndn to which email did you sent your emails? sdcard is always in plastic bag taped to the carton box where freedombox is packed

@normandc mechanical design is not something we are good at, so I leave it to the pros in this area

UNDER $100 GIFT IDEA: a FreedomBox home server. 🤠

@olimex is offering a special holiday deal on the #FreedomBox kit: they will quadruple the memory for only 1 cent extra! Instead of 32GB, you get 128 GB storage space!

Limited quantities...🏃‍♀️

Details: olimex.wordpress.com/2019/11/0

@normandc we do not do this, it's external company. don't know what program exactly they are using

I'm curious about what CAD program you used to model the metal box. 🙂

@wromey @freedomboxfndn you can buy the 128GB sd-cards used for our Christmas promotion here: olimex.com/Products/Components please make sure you select 128GB card not others
Then when you complete your order write in the Notes field: I need this card with FreedomBox software pre-installed.
We will do the card programming free of charge.

Christmas is approaching and we got for you XMAS upgrade for Pioneer-FreedomBox-HSK! For limited time and quantity you can upgrade to 128GB fast Class10 micro SD card for 1 cent :) @FreedomBoxFndn olimex.wordpress.com/2019/11/0

@wromey I understand what do you mean. We do not use Microsoft products. Github is not Microsoft product. It was made from people who love FOSS for people who do FOSS. It just happen to be bought by Microsoft. If we feel something changes for bad we are ready to move away in a heartbeat. Let think logical, Github business model profit from the paid private repos. By hosting FOSS for free they do not make money, but spend money. So the more FOSS is hosted on Github the less money MS makes :)

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