ESP32-POE-ISO was our first product with CE certification, today USB-ISO passed all tests too and can be CE marked Now guess which product is the next in line to CE test?

Need 4TB fast USB storage to backup or move files from one computer to another? Our New Open Source Hardware board adds SATA drive connectivity to any computer with USB host

Lime2-SD is small add on board which adds second micro SD card to OSHW Linux Computer A20-OLinuXino-LIME2, so now you can use two "disks" for file storage

We uploaded on GitHub new turotial for eduArdu OSHW educational board and Arduino, demo code for the eduArdu-BotKit, two new demo code for capacitive buttons

How to choose best LCD for your industrial grade OSHW OLinuXino Linux computer? We wrote LCD-OLinuXino selection guide to explain what are your options, touch interfaces, drivers

New Open Source Hardware PCB released. If your Arduino project runs out of memory OLIMEXINO-2560 comes with 256K Flash, 5-15VDC DCDC power supply, on board micro SD card connector and 79 GPIOs to help

TuxCon 2010 soldering workshop was lot of fun, we had massive invasion of kids (4-12 years old) wanting to learn how to solder and they were soldering better than adults! The soldering kits are now available on the web for these who missed TuxCon.

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